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Top Ten Anti-Spam Software to Use

Nilesh Parashar

1. Trustifi Inbound Shield

Trustifi Inbound Shield is a cloud-based email protection solution that you can integrate into your own mail server through an API. A call to the remote process is established when this plug-in is added so that all incoming mail may be scanned. A plug-in version of the service is available for Microsoft 365 and Google Workspace.

Key Features:

  • Cloud-based
  • No structural alterations are necessary for its installation.
  • Admins have the ability to evaluate quarantined items, which minimises the inconvenience to end users.

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2. N-able’s Mail Assure

N-able’s It's a cloud-based email security solution for corporate IT and MSPs. MSPs may secure their customers' email systems from spam and viruses without worry of data loss. More than 1.8 million sites provide data to the software, which utilises it to warn users about dangers and it also saves them from exploits. The app lets users read quarantined emails and blacklist unwanted and unauthorised senders.

Key Features:

  • A list of people to avoid at all costs
  • Quarantining
  • Using Office 365 as an integration point
  • MSPs have the option of this.
  • Protection against phishing


3. SpamTitan

SpamTitan is a web-based anti-spam tool aimed for Microsoft Office 365 customers. Phishing, spear-phishing, and zero-day assaults may all be found with this technique. SpamTitan employs a combination of machine learning and Bayesian analysis to discover new threats. In order to minimise exposure to new email risks, the effective zero-day threat defence is a must have.

Key Features:

  • Compliments Microsoft's cloud-based software platform
  • AI-based spam detection methods
  • Creating a blacklist and a whitelist
  • Identify important targets by hand.


4. Mailwasher

Mailwasher is a software application that prevents spam from reaching your mailbox. All email providers are supported on desktop and mobile devices using this application. Incredimail, Thunderbird, Windows Live Mail, Gmail, Yahoo!, EM Client, and many more are all supported by Mailwasher. Mailwasher's ability to accommodate a wide variety of email accounts makes it a good fit for large-scale businesses.

Key Features:

  • Offsite pre-filtering of incoming e-mail
  • Major email clients are supported.
  • Filtering of online content

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Spam, ransomware, and email phishing are all protected by the cloud-based anti-spam service ZEROSPAM. ZEROSPAM will prevent you from opening any emails that include harmful links or attachments. The software employs TLS encryption to further safeguard your communications from being intercepted. Automatic mail queuing will let you get back to business as soon as possible in the case of a client-server outage.

Key Features:

  • Service at the cutting edge
  • Anti-ransomware measures
  • Anti-phishing measures

6. SpamSieve

Mail on Macs' spam filter isn't particularly effective. Whatever Junk primary identifying mechanism is provided by a different email client is yours to keep. SpamSieve, on the other hand, is a superior spam filtering service.

Key Features:

  • Runs on a Mac
  • AI-powered spam snooping
  • There are two ways to blacklist and whitelist.


7. Comodo Dome Antispam

Comodo Dome Antispam commercial spam prevention software. Comodo Dome Antispam scans and filters emails to prevent cybercrime. Comodo Dome Antispam uses Valkyrie to download emails. Even the newest virus-infected file is safe to open and use.

Key Features

  • Self-hosted, SaaS, or private cloud choices
  • Attachment-sandboxing
  • Before reaching the mail server, spam is prevented.


8. MX Guarddog

MX Guarddog encrypts email using TLS (TLS). MX Guarddog protects against malware, DDoS attacks, and viruses. When communication is forbidden, you may request a quarantine report to view banned messages.

Key Features:

  • Blocking spam and malware.
  • SaaS cloud-based
  • This may include ARM.


9. SPAMfighter

SPAMfighter's anti-spam filtering supports all major email clients. SPAMfighter filters spam in many languages besides English. The software will add a suspicious email to its blacklist, preventing further deliveries.


Key Features:

  • Major email clients have an add-on for this
  • There is a free version of this software available.
  • Maintains a blacklist for the area.


10. ORF Fusion

ORF Fusion filters spam for business applications. This software ensures that only authentic email reaches your inbox. ORF Fusion's 23 mail checks set it distinct from the competitors. Combining blacklist and whitelist testing stops malicious emails.


Key Features:

  • Easy email server connection.
  • Administrators handle spam.
  • Lists of participants and non-participants


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Nilesh Parashar
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