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What is Content Marketing, and How Can it Benefit My Company?

Elena Martyniuk
What is Content Marketing, and How Can it Benefit My Company?

Content marketing is more popular than ever, even though it has been around for over a hundred years and started long before the Internet. computers, too. Or watch TV. But the Internet has given the field a boost because making content has never been easier than it is now. And if you do it right, you'll get more customers who buy more and reach out to new customers.

Definition of Content Marketing:

But what does "content marketing" really mean? In content marketing, we usually don't promote the product directly; instead, we do it indirectly. We have a lot more content that directly helps our target audience, which makes them think of us as a reliable company that knows its field. Since we aren't selling anything at that time, we are seen as more of a helping hand and a source of ideas.

The French tire company Michelin was one of the first to do this, if not the first. We still call it the Michelin Guide. It is a hotel and travel guide that rates hospitality and food based on how good they are and gives awards based on those ratings. The Michelin tires are not shown in the guide. Instead, it helps and inspires people who travel. People who travel in their cars need tires, of course. Through the guide, the reader finally remembers the Michelin brand.

Today, there are many ways to get the same effect. All you need is a Facebook account to share content that is interesting to your target audience and make ads that don't look like ads.


Using a plan for content marketing

Content marketing works best when it strengthens the relationship with current and potential customers. This is done by knowing the needs of the target audience and meeting those needs with content. To make the most of its strengths, the first step is to make a plan that answers important questions and lays out a process.

These are the most important questions to ask when making a plan for content marketing:

  • What are your audience's interests that are related to what you're selling?
  • What kinds of media does your audience use?
  • What extra value can you give to your target audience through the content you create?

How well you know and understand your target audience is the most important factor in how well your content marketing works. You need to know what they are interested in, what problems they are having, and what questions they are trying to find answers to. If you know this about your industry or product, you can create content that turns prospects into fans.

And if you know where your target audience is, you can put this content on the right platforms and talk to your customers and potential customers there.


Corporate Magazine: Blog posts for SEO

Google is the best way to figure out how content marketing works. Google searches more than 80 million times a day. That gives businesses 80 million chances to find new customers. Here, users put in what they are looking for and what they are interested in. And if you answer users' questions correctly, you establish yourself as a brand and gain their trust. Frequently, they also look for content distribution and search for, let's say, a list of UK news websites, and here you can easily help.


Digital marketing can start with content.

If you type "fitness exercises to do at home" into Google, it's likely that one of the first search results will be what you're looking for. If this search result now takes you to a blog post that gives you a clear explanation of how to do effective exercises, you are likely to think more highly of the brand behind the blog post than you did before.

And if you see fitness products from this same brand again in the future, you will have a good feeling about it and be more likely to trust the quality of the products. After all, the brand has already shown that it is a good guide in other places.

If potential customers find your website through Google, you can reach them again and again through retargeting ads on Facebook, Instagram, and other sites and make money from the trust you've built up.

In this way, search engine optimized blog articles are a good way to get more people to your website through Google and to help them, which builds trust and a stronger relationship.

Using social media to promote content.

In addition to Google and SEO, social media can also be used as part of a long-term content marketing strategy. Blog posts take a lot of work but always bring in new readers over time. Content on social media, on the other hand, takes less work but has a much shorter half-life. To get the same attention, you need to post regularly and often. Depending on the audience, though, it usually makes sense to mix blog posts and social media content on different platforms.

Because most people use both Google and social networking sites like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. If a user is interested in fitness exercises for the home office, like in the example above, they can follow a Facebook page about the topic to get new ideas and tips on a regular basis. And if they have a specific question, they can use Google to find your business.


How do I begin using content marketing?

There are many options, and figuring out what to do will be easier with a strategy that includes a clear definition of the target group, research on how they act, and a look at the competition. This strategy also has a list of goals and measures that can be used to make sure these goals are being met. For instance, there are different SEO or social media tools that can be used to track how the numbers change.

The most important question in content marketing is, "What extra value can I offer my target audience that proves my expertise and builds trust as a reliable partner in my industry?" because the process is always the same in the end:

  • Users consume your content.
  • Because your content adds value, they think you are knowledgeable.
  • Having your brand seen as knowledgeable builds trust in it.
  • People will trust your products because they trust your brand.
  • When users see your products again, they will already like your brand and be more likely to buy from you.


Content marketing is not the way to go if you want to reach a lot of people quickly. Content marketing usually takes between three and six months to get off the ground. But once that time is up, you can get very good and long-lasting results with little work and money. With a smart strategy, good, useful content on blogs and social media can be made over and over again with little effort, bringing in new visitors to a website regularly over a long period of time and building trust.

With content marketing, you're doing everything right if you want to reach a lot of people in a cost-effective way over time. More ads can be put up at the same time to bridge the first three to six months.

Elena Martyniuk
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