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Looking For Laser Treatment For Pigmentation In Delhi?

Arushi Khurana
Looking For Laser Treatment For Pigmentation In Delhi?

Are you suffering from skin problems like pigmentation? Do you look into the mirror and hate to see the pigments on your skin? Do you want to get rid of it? Are you looking for treatments for your problem? And most importantly, are you aware of laser treatment for skin pigmentation? If yes, do you want to know about the clinics that have laser treatment for pigmentation in Delhi

Before we move toward the treatment, let’s just understand what skin pigmentation is and all the causes of skin pigmentation. 

Skin pigmentation is the small pigment-like coloured spots on your skin due to the different amounts of a body component called melanin in your body. Your skin colour can change due to the varying or sudden changes in the level of melanin in your body. There are two kinds of melanin in our bodies - Eumelanin and Pheomelanin!

  1. Eumelanin - It is usually brown and black in colour which prevents harmful UV rays from entering our bodies and certain chemical reactions that can cause various life-threatening diseases like cancer. 
  2. Pheomelanin - It is yellow and red in colour and protects a little less than melanin from UV rays and produces reactive oxygen for managing the damage UV rays cause. 

Since these two together constitute the melanin component in our body, fluctuations in their levels can lead to a change in levels of melanin in our body which further leads the skin to have pigments.

According to dermatologists, skin pigmentation can also be genetically acquired. That means the melanin level in your ancestors can be the cause of the fluctuation in melanin level in your body. However, there is laser treatment for pigmentation in Delhi clinics that can help resolve this issue. 

Skin pigmentation can be of three further types - Hyperpigmentation, Hypopigmentation and Depigmentation. 

-> Hyperpigmentation - It is due to a high level of melanin production and regulation in the body. They can be caused by acne, birthmarks, age spots etc. 

-> Hypopigmentation - It is due to a low level of melanin production and regulation in the body. They can be caused due to inflammatory skin conditions and past skin injuries.  

-> Depigmentation - It occurs when your skin completely loses the pigment and turns white. One of the skin conditions that have this is vitiligo, where certain areas of skin get completely discoloured and turn white. 

There are various types of treatment available for skin pigmentation like carbon peels, bb glow facial, advanced PRP for hyperpigmentation and not to forget laser therapy. 

Laser treatment is basically a medical and beauty care therapy using lasers that are done by cutting, burning or destroying the tissues. There are several categories of laser treatment as well - 

  1. Laser toning & Q Switch laser - The type of laser therapy uses Q switch laser beams that are low in energy but at a higher frequency to destroy the skin tissues. It can heal almost all skin issues. 
  2. Picosure laser - Pico lasers need only a few sessions as it breaks the pigments into small fragments that are easy to heal for later on. 
  3. Carbon peel - it’s a type of laser peel that is completely painless by shedding the topmost layer of the skin with pigmentation and giving a natural glow to the person. 
  4. Spotless peels - It uses spotless laser peels to heal the superficial tissues and spots on the skin leaving behind clear and glowing skin. 

All these laser treatments must be done only and only after consulting the dermatologist and also after knowing if you have skin that won’t be undergoing any side effects if you go through this. 

It is clear that laser treatment for pigmentation is a ray of hope for people who find it difficult in themselves to accept themselves the way they are and hate their appearance issues in them. Still, leading a healthy life with no side effects after the treatment should be their obvious choice. 

This laser treatment for pigmentation in Delhi is a usual treatment procedure that is available in almost every dermatology clinic or hospital. One would not find it difficult to find it in the city. But as they always say, always practise precaution rather than cure!

Arushi Khurana
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