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How to Unblock Websites in Uganda with a VPN

Ava Joseph
How to Unblock Websites in Uganda with a VPN

How to Unblock Websites in Uganda with a VPN

There are many valid reasons to worry about Internet censorship in Uganda, but at least you won't need to worry about your online privacy if the correct VPN is installed on your computer. Today, we present Uganda's safest, most dependable VPN options, all of which are shockingly inexpensive and simple to use. Using a virtual private network is the most effective method to accomplish this, and in this post, we'll reveal our suggestions for the top VPNs in Uganda.

Simple steps to unblock websites in Uganda

  1. Go to Playstore
  2. Download VPN App from Playstore
  3. Tap to connect VPN on your Android device
  4. Go to website Url and Access

Things to Consider when choosing a VPN

  • The vendor's experience with security

The VPN industry is expanding quickly, but not all of the firms are well-known or have a lot of expertise. Demand openness and a respectable history in cyber security from your supplier as VPN solutions are about online security and privacy.

  • Privacy Policy of the VPN Company

To offer the service, the majority of VPNs must store at least connection records. However, there are some data that you would prefer to keep private, including your browsing history. Verify your VPN provider’s claims and read their privacy policy.

  • All reviews are not Trustworthy

First stage in choosing a VPN is checking their reviews on google and other apps. But all the reviews are not dependable Some of them are employed, while others work on their own. Be sceptic about which sources you believe because it's not always simple to discern which are impartial.

The Most Reliable and Best Free VPNs for Uganda


Undoubtedly, SPL VPN is one of the most well-known brands in the VPN sector. It is a well-known free VPN in Uganda that uses high-quality WireGuard implementation while providing limitless service. Over a million people have downloaded SPL from the Google Play Store. The top-notch features of SPL VPN do not jeopardise the privacy of its consumers. It does not need registration and has a no-log policy.

2.Nord VPN

For individuals who are concerned about their safety and want the highest level of protection available, NordVPN is the best option. A 256-bit encryption shield protects your data, and NordVPN's excellent zero-logging policy entirely obscures your identity and online behavior.


A new VPN service called Surfshark was introduced particularly to counter the current tendency of authoritarian governments restricting and monitoring their populations. It is really good at that, too, giving you access to the world's strongest 256-AES-GCM encryption to thwart any spying.

Ava Joseph
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