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4 REASONS BUSINESS CARDS ARE STILL RELEVANT Do People Still Use Business Cards? 4 Reasons They’re Still Relevant

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4 REASONS BUSINESS CARDS ARE STILL RELEVANT Do People Still Use Business Cards? 4 Reasons They’re Still Relevant

Business cards are the ultimate marketing tool for any business! Used as far back as the 17th century, they are the best way to entice customers to contact you.

But you might find yourself asking “do people still use business cards?”. The answer is yes! This article covers why business card printing is essential in any marketing strategy.

It explores how business cards can help you form connections and makes you easier to contact. The article also talks about how a business card makes you a business to remember.


  1. Create Connections


A good-looking business card can be a great conversation starter. During networking opportunities, present one to form a personal connection. It shows potential clients that you’re invested in being in contact with them.

It is a much more personal experience to hand over a business card. Many online interactions can be cold and functional. So business cards have the upper hand in this respect.


  1. Great Tool for Marketing


Your business card is an extension of you, so you want to make a good impression. Grabbing someone’s attention with your card is the best way to gain their interest.

When printing business cards, make sure to include your logo and use a font that is easy to read. You should also use good-quality paper for the cards. This will mean they last longer, and it makes you seem more invested in your company.


  1. Highlight Best Forms of Contact


Websites and social media pages can often be confusing for clients. They provide a lot of information, and there might be many pages to navigate around.

Business cards are more effective as they have all the key information in one place! It will highlight to the customer how it is best to get hold of you. It also means that no inquiries get missed, as you are sending them directly to where you need them to go.


  1. Harder to Skip Over


It’s very easy in this digital age to skip over the information you see online. When you are continuously scrolling, you can often forget something you saw only a few minutes ago. A business card makes it much harder to forget, as it serves as a physical reminder of your business.

Effective business cards are colorful and well-designed to catch the eye. Prospective clients are more likely to keep hold of your card if it is good to look at.

A business card can get carried around in a client’s wallet, or pinned to their fridge. Having a card often prompts them to contact you sooner. This stops your information from getting washed away in the sea of social media.


Get Started With Business Card Printing


Having a business card is still a vital part of marketing your business. They serve as a talking point and as a physical reminder of your business. They are also the easiest way to share your contact information when networking.

If you’re looking for business card printing, then look no further than 858 Graphics! We specialize in designing and printing high-quality marketing materials to promote your business.

Get in touch today to talk with one of our expert printing staff.

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