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Event marketing is a valuable marketing tool for any business. From independent shops to tech startups, these events attract brands of all kinds. Whether you are planning a conference, seminar, festival, roundtable, launch, business lunch, or exhibition, ensuring that you use suitable print materials is essential for any event. 

No matter what is on the agenda, everyone has the same overall goal when throwing an event: creating connections, building brand awareness, and boosting overall sales. These printing materials are helpful for any event and can be suited to any marketing objective. 


Before jumping into the correct materials, it is essential to understand the definition of event marketing. Event marketing is the promotion of a business through an event. Businesses can attend these events allowing you to build connections and generate new customers. There are many benefits to event marketing, including: 

  • Building Brand Awareness
  • Whether you are hosting or attending a marketing event, brand awareness is constantly being generated. With the proper print materials, visitors may not immediately convert to customers, but they will remember your brand and the products and services you offer. 
  • Creating Customer Engagement
  • These events provide plenty of opportunities to engage with potential and current customers. These interactions give them a personalized values perception of your brand. 
  • Upselling Opportunities 
  • While at these events, some visitors may be persuaded to purchase your products. This provides the opportunity to upsell, generating more revenue and demonstrating the other products or services you offer.


Digital marketing methods can take a business only so far. Printed marketing materials are still relevant; having them at any event is a great way to generate more customers and build brand awareness. These high-quality marketing materials add an additional touchpoint reminding customers of your brand and what you offer. 

Business Cards

Business cards are one of the most critical print materials you can bring to a marketing event. These provide several benefits and are cost-effective. While at the event, you may build connections, and it is essential that you have a business card on hand. A professional, high-quality card is necessary for these situations so that your brand is perceived correctly. 


You can also promote your business by distributing flyers to prospective customers. These pieces of print material are easy to read and provide plenty of information. Flyers are affordable and easy to produce; using these is a great way to reach a large audience while supporting your digital marketing efforts. When creating your flyers, adding links to your website or QR codes can significantly increase your website traffic. 


Posters are an excellent form of marketing material to use at trade shows or conferences. They draw attention and generate brand awareness. If you are at a tradeshow, posters can draw the eye and attract customers to your booth. When creating your poster, demonstrate in simple terms how your brand can help a consumer or solve their problem. Upon seeing this, viewers will be more inclined to speak to you or visit your website. 

Booklets And Brochures

Having booklets or brochures on hand is a great way to connect with others. They hold plenty of information and are not overwhelming to the reader. They can gain the information they require at their own pace while getting to know the brand and the products. When creating a booklet or brochure, ensure that you reflect your brand image and consider using quality materials to demonstrate the professionalism of your business. 

Gift Boxes

Giving away gift boxes is a great way to build brand awareness and demonstrate your products. Though they are more expensive, gift boxes have a huge impact. If event visitors like the contents inside, they will be more inclined to re-order and become repeat customers. Gift boxes are a great way to stand out from the competition and increase your brand’s value. 

Acrylic Boards 

Acrylic boards are a great way to print seating charts and signs and demonstrate useful information. They are sophisticated and stand out against other marketing materials. Placing your business’s branding on the board is another great way to build brand awareness while providing information. 


If you are hosting a marketing event, branding coasters can be a great way to implement your brand image into visitors’ heads. These thoughtful details add a personal touch to the entire event and can also contain a QR code or website link to generate more traffic to your website. 

Building brand awareness at events is essential, and printing material is a great way to add a personal touch to the event while engaging with potential customers. Using compelling print material is extremely beneficial and is a detail you will not want to miss. 858 Graphics creates premium print solutions for your needs; visit our website to learn more! 

858 Graphics
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