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11 Unique Cheerleading Fundraising Ideas | Tips To Increase Donations

11 Unique Cheerleading Fundraising Ideas | Tips To Increase Donations

Cheer squads are unique because they promote physical activity, creativity, and teamwork. For those who lack them elsewhere, the friendships developed within a cheer squad may be priceless. Therefore, steady financial support for your group is essential. A strong education fundraising strategy is essential for the survival of nonprofit cheerleading squads, whether it is for team outfits, trips, or enrichment programs. Here are 11 strategies that you and your group can use to raise money.

1) Apparels 

Sweats? Shirts? Bomber vests? Your cheer team and your team's friends and family are sure to love it if it is imprinted with the name of your squad. Provide special rates for the cheerleaders. Then, to profit, sell to other consumers at full price. It will make everyone delighted to support their cheerleader.

Pro Tip: If your finances permit, offer family members and friends discounts using a "code" they obtained from their cheerleader. Discounts are always alluring, and it fosters a sense of community.

2) Seat cushions 

When sitting in the notoriously unpleasant bleachers, seat cushions are crucial. Instead of letting the crowd choose their own, offer seat cushions branded with your team's emblem and colors. It's a distinctive item of merchandise that will make it clear to everyone who you are supporting at cheerleading competitions!

3) Seasonal baskets 

Put together a basket with treats from the appropriate season. Put tea bags in the fall basket, flip flops in the summer, hand warmers in the winter, or anything else that is appropriate! Invite every cheerleader to come up with unique, affordable enhancements for the baskets, then make a profit by selling them. Here's a tip: Everyone enjoys a tasty snack.

4) Textbooks and notes 

Since textbooks are pricey, holding a secondhand book sale is the ideal way to benefit your community while giving back. The opportunity to purchase their math textbooks for less will be applauded by those who are unable to afford new books.

Pro Tip: You can also sell class notes, but be sure that doing so won't violate the rules of your organization or school.

5) Cheer classes 

Even though you aren't throwing non-cheerleaders about, you can still teach cheers to people of all ages. Sell spots to friends, relatives, and anybody else who is interested after simplifying a routine to a few dance steps, claps, and shouts. They will gain insight into the labor-intensive process of memorizing and carrying out routines.

Pro Tip: You can give lessons at various levels, with a Bronze level being appropriate for beginners, a Silver level for intermediates, and a Gold level for experts.

6) Facebook fundraisers 

Share your registry, tax ID number, and organization's bank account information with Facebook. In this manner, your team's cheerleaders, friends, and family can all host fundraising events. In place of material gifts, this is ideal for birthdays or during the holiday season.

Pro tip: Create templates for the text you want the funder to use in the description of their fundraising. Make an impact with these since they can encourage donations!

7) Pumpkin carving with kids 

The process of selecting and carving a large pumpkin is one of the nicest parts of Halloween. This year, go a step further and throw a community kids' pumpkin-carving celebration. Parents can leave their children with your team for a modest cost. Have some refreshments and beverages available before giving each participant a pumpkin. Select patterns and assist them in creating the pumpkin of their dreams!

You may have more fun by teaching your cheerleaders to dance moves to scary songs. 

Limit the number of children you accept; you want to make sure there is at least one cheerleader for every youngster to prevent injuries.

8) Make your own ornaments 

Community members can visit the gym or studio and make their ornaments for a modest cost! There are many different ways to make an ornament; let them paint a bauble, attach some colored Popsicle sticks, or, if they're feeling ambitious, make some out of pipe cleaners.

Pro tip: Wait to attach the hangers until an adult is holding them. Make use of string instead.

9) Gift-wrapping 

Gift wrapping is tiresome, often irritating, and not necessarily attractive, which is why very few people like doing it. Present-wrapping by your cheerleaders for your loved ones. Invite folks to bring their gifts, then offer to wrap them with a variety of bows and wrapping paper. Set a fee for each package or solicit donations.

10) Auctions 

Consider holding an online auction—everyone enjoys them! There are other free auction sites available, including many online fundraising platforms.

Members of your cheer squad might know people who own businesses and be ready to offer things like gift cards, dinners out, or other things. The good news is that your cheer squad may send the link to friends and family no matter where they live thanks to a virtual auction.

Pro tip: Find out in advance how much it will cost to send products to the winning bidder so that you can account for it when you set your minimum bids.

11) Photos galore 

Photos are a simple method to increase donations. Take expert photos of the squad, both as a whole and as individuals. Have numerous alternatives available, such as keychain-sized or 46 inches, and have your cheerleaders dressed in their uniforms with hair and makeup done.

Pro Tip: You can also capture pictures of the squad while they are performing, traveling, or practicing. Next, publish a photo book with recollections from the year and sell it.


Cheer squads can provide a place of support and companionship while enhancing members' self-worth. Put all of your efforts into fund-raising since a cheer team's inclusion cannot be replicated. Your cheerleaders will always be appreciative!

Raising money is a difficult task. Giving Xcelerator can assist you with various fundraisers in addition to helping your cheer team collect money. For fresh fundraising suggestions and advice to increase your fundraising success, visit our website. 

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