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7 Fascinating Facts About Physiotherapy You Must Know

Calibrate Health
7 Fascinating Facts About Physiotherapy You Must Know

A physiotherapy clinic in Singapore assists patients in regaining physical function. The practice employs various techniques, like bodily motions, manual treatment, exercise, and verbal teaching to treat injuries. Here are seven fascinating facts about physiotherapy.

#1 WWI Birthed Physiotherapy

Thank World War 1 for all the physiotherapy clinics in Singapore. Canadian clinicians created this therapy technique for injured troops who lost part of their function or mobility.

#2 Helps Treat Obesity and Related Complications

Physiotherapy can treat obese people with weight-related issues, including sleep apnea and stiffness. Some clinics have a nutritionist to help develop a food plan to alleviate symptoms.

#3 PT can also Treat Vertigo

The most frequent cause of Vertigo is an ear infection. It disrupts the vestibular system, which is critical for keeping your balance. Coming to a physiotherapy clinic in Singapore can help patients manage frequent dizziness, nausea, and vomiting.

#4 It Has Been Around for Longer than You Think

Physiotherapy has been around for thousands of years. Many think that Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, employed water therapy to treat patients for the first time in 460 BC.

#5 It is Not Just for Physical Injuries

Contrary to common assumptions, physiotherapy can enhance patients' cognition, mood, and general emotional state. Its assertion has support from several published articles in the medical literature.

#6 An Excellent Pre- and Post-Operative Routine

Receiving physiotherapy from a reputable Singapore specialist is an excellent tool for preparing for and recovering after surgery. Patients should, however, discuss with their surgeon the necessity for it.

#7 Physiotherapists Know A Lot More Than You Think

A physiotherapist in Singapore or overseas is familiar with various disorders and treatments. They must grasp every part of the musculoskeletal system during their training. That's up to 840 muscles, 206-270 bones, 220 nerves, etc.

Calibrate Health Clinic is a sports injury and treatment facility that focuses on various health conditions. They strive to help patients live healthier with one of the best physiotherapist teams in Singapore. Calibrate Health also has a vertigo expert on staff for sports-related ailments and injuries.

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Calibrate Health
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