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What are managed IT services and why would I need them?

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What are managed IT services and why would I need them?

The IT services system subcontracting to an external Managed IT Services Provider is called managed IT services. The managed IT service provider takes on full responsibility for the entire IT operations of the organization, continuously monitoring the IT support system and issue resolution. As a result, managed IT services provide crucial decisions and communicate proactively with clients compared to traditional IT services. In addition, they respond as technology consultants to clients in the sector of IT implementation. 


Managed IT services are when you bring somebody in to take over the business's IT service or hire someone who comes and does back-ups and scans for viruses. But as time goes on, business grows, and they get more and more people in the industry. So they can either employ somebody or outsource it to an IT Services Company. Generally, it's bringing in an IT Services company to do things such as checking the back-ups, ensuring the anti-virus software is updated and ensuring that the computers are running as efficiently and optimally as possible.

When you buy a new computer, it is expected to last about a couple of years, and then it just starts breaking down or slowing down, then it is not as effective as it once was. So the software that you put on slows down over time. Moreover, the computer hardware is also slowing down as you put more and more software on. So part of managed IT business services is taking care of upgrading or optimizing the hardware you've got. For example, in some businesses where their computers are years old and not performing that well, you find a lot of frustration from the staff and business owners because that frustration comes back to them. Updating the computers means you've also got the latest security software, so it just made your data better protected than it was with the older machines.

Empowering your staff to do their best with their job while, as a business owner or manager, you have to ensure your technology is available and operational. But what happens when your network crashes, your email goes down, or your users get a virus? When the incident occurs, your business and staff need an IT provider. You may fix the issue yourself, or maybe someone in your team knows a little about IT. However, you could worsen the problem and lose time and money when they are unfamiliar with your IT systems. Instead, managed IT specialists will monitor, maintain and support your IT systems and get familiar with your IT environment beforehand so they can handle it proactively. IT support can quickly scan your computer system every minute, reporting threats in real time, typically before they become problems for your business. 

Here are the reasons why you need managed IT services.

1) Security and compliance are vital concerns for all businesses. Hacking or security breaches can cost a company's good name and a considerable financial loss. Managed service providers help protect businesses from safety deficiencies and can take prompt measures if this happens. From consumer protection to the security of financial data, matters to compliance observed and standards help protect a person's rights. Especially for consumers and business owners, compliance plays a key part in preventing fines and boosting your customer base. Managed IT services can take off the worry of compliance. Trained professionals can assure your IT systems are abiding by national and international rules and standards. Moreover, Managed IT services offer additional policies, procedures and regulations to comply with their industry's legal and health sectors.

2) Efficient and Reliable IT Operations are fundamental reasons businesses need managed IT services. First, it strengthens its potential, and problems get resolved quickly. Moreover, companies benefit from the current technology and fresh approaches to optimize working hours and productivity. These technologies cover cloud computing, disaster recovery, remote monitoring, and management. Finally, the need to keep the entire IT foundation efficient and reliable is the primary motive for managed IT services. Moreover, having inadequate knowledge and skills in running a whole network leads to uselessness and instability.  

3) IT resources involve labour, maintenance costs, software and network infrastructure and hardware costs; managing IT services helps businesses financially by controlling expenses and boosting their ROI. Utilizing outdated software can adversely affect the return on investment. Managed IT services offer adaptivity and versatility to grow for improvements and larger projects. 

4) A managed IT service provider provides businesses with 24/7 monitoring and maintenance. So you will have worry-free about day-to-day functions such as the speed of network connections and reliability. In fact, managed IT support services can quickly identify potential concerns, bugs, and threats and repair and restore them. With managed IT services, your data and applications are managed remotely, usually in a virtual server setting. These resources observe international standards for security and control. Even if an unforeseen event or natural calamity hits your premises, your data will be secure and protected in a remote facility. Managed service providers have standards created to help keep your business sustainable if something breaks down or your network fails in your office or off-site.

5) Innovative IT support and new software applications often need knowledgeable and specialized skill sets. As a result, most businesses train their internal staff when implementing a new program. However, it's a good reason to let an IT-managed provider take charge of the case, lessening the burden on your in-house IT staff. Let your team concentrate on their capabilities and skills with daily operations and projects that need more time and attention. Moreover, they can focus on other important matters and enhance your IT infrastructure to boost department productivity.

6) Managed IT services can be designed to match the company's requirements, such as accounting solutions and customer relationship management software (CRM) to observe the operations and financial transactions. In addition, it automates the process and protects the information control system that helps manage business and customer data.

Why would you need a Managed IT service provider?

Technology is transforming the world of business, and since it changes fast and is a complex industry, most companies today want to update their IT operations and turn to managed IT service providers to accomplish that goal. Because of this, many growing organizations are going for managed IT services providers instead of outsourcing specific IT activities to reduce their IT risk and be future-ready regarding technological disruptions. But, first, let's talk about the top challenges.

1) The first challenge is technological advancement. Technology is advancing and innovating at a fast pace and changing how businesses adapt to the present situation. For example, some companies prefer their staff to work remotely or from home as they notice they are more productive while working on a mobile workforce. However, if problems with their laptop occur, how can they fix it if your internal IT is not prepared to support them? This will adversely affect your staff's productivity, affecting your company's performance. 

2) The second challenge is deciding which new technology to purchase; you still need to establish the expenses of the new process and find the right people to manage it. So it is better to hire or outsource an IT-managed service provider to know how you spend and identify the right solutions that will give you the best ROI.  

3) The last challenge is to improve the customer experience. Managed IT service providers know how to keep clients happy and continue improving this experience, and they can help you address these challenges.

One of the advantages you get from having a managed IT service provider Is that you no longer have to worry about these challenges. When problems occur, you can ascertain that they will handle them proactively. As a result, you can prioritize your core business more and be the best at what you do. What's more, MCL Managed IT offers a wide range of services, making you better prepared for changes in the future. They provide cost-effective solutions and pay only for what you need and when you need them. Another advantage is that they help you develop automated solutions, offer analytical tools to track issues and prevent these problems from reoccurring. With all these advantages, it can help you save money and time. You can understand why Managed IT services can be crucial to your company's success. Partnering with them can help take you to the higher heights of your company. You can have peace of mind, become more stable, and drive automation, allowing you to concentrate on improving your core business. MCL Managed IT offers services with low initial costs and flexible monthly payments, making it easier for you to budget for your IT requirements and expenditures. We are your managed IT service provider who is persistently training and upgrading our systems to assure leading technology systems. You profit from the advantages of our expertise and knowledge to keep up with the advancement of technology without having to pay extra for upgrades or training.

MCL Managed IT serves Edmonton from their location on Roper Road. If you're coming from the west end of Edmonton, here's how you find it. https://goo.gl/maps/axHKeUiGKtNmDhFr8

They also serve Calgary, Camrose, and other areas around Alberta. Call 780-440-0703 to get started!

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