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7 Methods and Tools Practised by Big Brands To Manage Their Software Development Projects 🚀

Kane Jason
7 Methods and Tools Practised by Big Brands To Manage Their Software Development Projects 🚀

67% of projects fail and coequally waste 11.4% of organizational resources, as a consequence of undervaluing project management.

This clearly marks out project management as an obligation for a successful implementation of a software development process.

🔊 3 Methodologies Practised by Big Brands to Manage Software Development Projects:

1. Waterfall Method

The waterfall method is one traditional approach and a straightforward method for project management in software development. The phases of a project flow downwards like a waterfall. In a better way, the movement to the other phase is possible only after the previous stage is successfully completed. This approach fits well for highly structured projects with the involvement of high costs to pivot.

Source: Designrush

2. Agile Method

The agile method is a dynamic mode of operations to manage a project in software development. Also, it is the most widely used method too. It allows the project to be fast and flexible in comparison to the waterfall method. While implementing the method, project planning, management, and development are all adaptive and of evolving nature, if that improves the project in the desired timeline. Distinctly, the agile development process operates by breaking down projects into smaller portions of user functionality, prioritizing them, and delivering them in 2–4 cycles. This approach is highly preferred for software projects with larger chances of testing before deployment.

3. Hybrid Method

Quiet-a-few companies sussed that utilizing the ideologies of Agile and Waterfall shows a synergistic effect. Hence, the concept of the Hybrid method originated in project management for software development. It is to be understood that the selection of the phases in this methodology highly depends on the nature of the project. This process is well approached when the project shows the software and hardware requirement.

Which are the Best Project Management Tools Used by Big Brandsâť“

A project management tool is either software or a technique to contemplate, track, and manage software development tasks. These tools are utilized by the members of the software development team to ensure that the development process is always on track.

Would like to know which tools are used by big brands during their software development process?

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Kane Jason
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