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Benefits of Residential EV Charging Stations

Jia Mehra
Benefits of Residential EV Charging Stations

Over the years, the human population has grown exponentially and so has the demand for resources. However, this increase in demand has effectively destroyed ecosystems and even hastened the extinction of some species. This makes sustainable mobility and construction even more important. One of the major solutions that have been put forward is the use of electric vehicles.

And it is not surprising that an increasing number of people are taking an interest in electric vehicles. Experts estimate that there will be around 145 million electric vehicles on the road by the year 2030. Moreover, installing EV charging stations is easier than ever before. All you need to do is contact reliable EV charging station installers

Reason to get Residential EV charging station installed 

In the past few months, metro cities in India have seen a boom in electric vehicle sales as well as in the number of electric charging stations. This has inadvertently created a market for residential EV chargers. In fact, local and state governments are also launching initiatives such as making it mandatory for residential institutions to reserve at least 5% of their parking lot for EVs and also providing suitable chargers. Governments are also encouraging residential societies to offer EV charging on their premises and raising awareness. The following are some advantages of offering residential EV charging stations

1.    Compatibility 

When EV chargers are present within the residential premises, it becomes highly convenient for residents to charge their vehicles. For instance, they can go to sleep and then wake up with a fully charged vehicle right in their parking lot. It then gives them the freedom to take their vehicles for a ride without worrying about getting them charged on the way.

This also gives a confidence boost to the people who are actually considering purchasing EVs in the future. Moreover, installing a charger that is compatible with your EV is much easier than searching for a public charging station that will be compatible with your battery capacity. It is advisable to contact a leading EV charging Station Company in India and get these charging stations installed. 

2.    Cost-Effective 

As expected, residential EV charging is much less expensive than charging your vehicles using public charging stations. You won’t be purchasing electricity from a third party and you can simply use the residential grid that is available. People can also easily choose a home charging station depending on their needs and budget. Residents can also make use of renewable energy sources such as solar panels to connect their charging stations.

3.    Social Benefits 

Residential EV charging stations are helpful for not just raising public awareness but also for benefiting the environment. This helps in contributing toward a greener future and meeting the zero-emission standards that are being set globally. It also helps in contributing to cleaner air and also helps you in reducing your carbon footprint. 

4.    Increased Property Value 

There is no denying that EVs are a part of the future. As the demand for charging points increases in the future, EV charging stations will become a mandatory amenity that must be provided by residential institutions. This facility will help in attracting potential clients and will definitely be a value-add for residents. Some developing cities must especially consider installing EV charging stations.

For instance, if you offer charging services in Pune, then anybody searching for an electric vehicle charging station Pune will come across your property as well. Thus, charging stations also offer increased visibility. 


The presence of EV chargers also helps in improving the overall image of your residential complex. These charging stations will also allow future residents to reap the benefits and encourage current residents as well as future residents to adopt more environmentally conscious practices. 

Jia Mehra
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