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7 Important Die-Cutting Questions

Tonic Studios USA

1 How can I make the most of the waste shapes that are left after I have finished die-cutting?

Die-cut scraps don't have to go to waste! If the pieces are still large enough to cut into, consider using smaller dies to produce extra pieces for decoupage or decorating. If you have multiples of the same shape, make a pattern out of them by arranging them correctly and creating a backdrop effect similar to embossing. Don't forget about the negative leftover from the card you cut off — it makes an excellent stencil for stamping or colouring!

2 Do you have any tips for successfully layering stamps and dies?

When matching each layer, use the packing guide to decide which portions of the picture to line up and keep your eyes immediately above the stamp to guarantee perfect placement. Furthermore, we recommend utilising a stamp positioner - being able to stamp numerous copies of your card, or alternatively printing a single layer a number of times to achieve the greatest impression, will aid in the creation of a wonderfully layered picture.

3 I’m a die-cutting newbie, what machine shall I get?

Before you begin, examine the type of projects you want to construct; this will define the size of the machine you need to purchase. You will need an A4 die-cutting machine if you want to construct shaped cards or boxes — the dies will cut the foundation for you. However, if you are certain that you will just be cutting topper designs and sentiments, you might save money by purchasing a smaller machine and purchasing more dies. There are several factors to consider because a machine is one of the most important craft investments you will make.

4 How can I ensure my machine is used in the correct way to produce the best results?

It's critical to remove the finicky parts that have remained in the die each time. If you don't empty it out, the die won't be able to cut as deeply the next time you use it, and your design will suffer as a result. It's also possible that you'll need to run the motif through your computer more than once. Rotate it to ensure uniform pressure over all sections of the die, and set your dies on the outer border of the plates rather than in the centre. This is the point at which the machine rollers are under the most strain.

5 How do I know which die to buy?

When purchasing dies, attempt to imagine more applications for the die than just the shape of the die. Rectangles may be simply cut into squares or even fashioned into borders, giving you additional options for your money. Store your dies on magnetic sheets to keep them together and prevent them from becoming separated. When you put all of your dies away when you've finished, you'll always know the sets are intact and ready to use.

6 Do you have any tips on creating scene cards?

Make stunning greeting card sets using cutting dies! Simply cut out the components and adhere them to a plain or patterned card. Arrange all of the pieces before gluing them down when designing sceneries with a lot of elements. Apply double-sided tape to the back of the cardstock you're die-cutting. Keep the liner in place while running the dies and card through the machine. After you've removed the cut pieces, the tape on the back transforms them into stickers that you may use to decorate your scene. This is ideal for tiny and complicated dies alike.

7 I tend to die-cut motifs and just stick them on cards. How can I use them differently?

Manufacturers can now build rich and detailed designs at a minimal cost that look beautiful on their own, but it's always excellent to get the most out of anything. Thin dies can cut through 230gsm cards but struggle with larger materials. By producing multiples and stacking them together, you may simply increase the thickness of a cut-out. To make 3-D components, keep them squeezed beneath a box while the glue cures. Cut shapes out of craft foam or a polystyrene sheet. These are then put on an acrylic block and used as a stamp to print backdrops or cloth. If dies are cut from excellent quality cards or thin acetate, they can also be used successfully as stencils.

Tonic Studios USA
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