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Mica powders give shine and glitter to craft creations because the light-reflecting particles therein generate gorgeous lustrous natural sparkling colors. If you haven't used them in crafting, you may have used them unknowingly; because they are made from pure natural minerals and ore, cosmetic grade versions of this item may even be found in cosmetics and toiletries.This powder is popular in the crafting community for improving metalwork, fine art, ceramics, scrapbook items, rubber-stamped crafts, and a variety of other home décor projects. This powder can also be used to improve the finish of paints, glues, and varnishes.

Here are five inventive uses for mica powder in crafts.

Stamps made of rubber

This powder will make your rubber stamp projects stand out. Beautiful handmade cards may be produced using a rubber stamp and powder. Push the rubber stamp firmly into your ink pad. Stamp the design on the front of your card, then cover it with powdered powder before the ink dries. Shake the extra powder off the design gently. Refill the container with the remaining powder. This gleaming powder accent will elevate your handcrafted cards to the next level. 


To give raw clay a metallic appearance, use this powder with a brush or sponge. This powder may also be mixed into the clay to give it a gloss. To make a varnish or liquid clay, mix this powder with it. 


Mica powder may be used to create stunning designs on scrapbooking cards, attractive boxes, and a variety of other craft items. Powder may be turned into paint by dipping a little wet paint brush into a small amount of powder placed on a dish. Continue to combine the water and powder until it forms a thin paste. Start painting your project after dipping your brush into the paste. You may also add a little powder to your existing oil and acrylic paints. 


Mica powder may be put into any decoupage liquid glue solution. To begin, pour some glue into a basin. Mix a little powder into your glue at a time until you obtain the desired amount of shine. This powder may also be used in the clear glaze used to seal your decoupage products. 

Shimmer Spray

By spraying paper creations, flowers, textiles, and greeting cards with a DIY shimmer spray, you may add a gorgeous coating of gloss to these products. Begin by filling a spray bottle halfway with water. Add a liberal quantity of metallic paint to the water. Shake the bottle. 1 tbsp powder and glue Shake the bottle. Your shimmer spray is now ready to be utilized on all of your fantastic creative creations. Mica powder is simple to use and versatile. It's the must-have craft supply for adding a wow element to all of your home décor and DIY projects.

Tonic Studios USA
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