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HIFU Sydney 2022: What Makes It Different from Traditional Facelift

Lilly Isaacson
HIFU Sydney 2022: What Makes It Different from Traditional Facelift

Did you know that there is a non-invasive treatment for skin tightening? You must have thought that plastic surgery is the only solution to it. For zero downtime and speedy recovery, HIFU works wonders. The downtime is zero and offers similar benefits to facelifts. But, why should HIFU Sydney be a choice to consider?


HIFU mainly came under the spotlight as an alternative to facelift surgery. Since 2008, HIFU has gained much popularity for body sculpting. The procedure has seen a boost of 60% in the recent 5 years. Ideally, the treatment is for individuals between the age of 30-75 years old. Those who have mild laxity and want to reduce skin damage for the ageing process can reap benefits from HIFU. However, younger clients — above the age of 25 — can also find the treatment useful.


In this article, we mention the benefits of the HIFU treatment and why it should be an important part of anyone’s skin care.


Different from Traditional Facelift

As you must have heard, a traditional facelift changes a person’s face. However, the service of HIFU Sydney accelerates collagen production by using ultrasound energy. With collagen production, your skin feels tighter. Your skin’s look and feel improves; you can feel it as more supple.


The main reason is that the procedure leverages natural resources. It is also important to note that a HIFU facelift does not require surgery or additional time for recovery. Of course, the recovery time differs from one person to another.


Suitable for Defining Features

HIFU does not require anaesthesia or stitches. The results are similar and make a good alternative to a surgical facelift. If it were a surgical procedure, you would witness dramatic changes to the face. HIFU is recommended widely because it brings out your natural beauty.


On top of that, HIFU makes facial features prominent. The procedure adds a youthful look to your appearance; you will get defined jawline and cheekbones.


Other Benefits of HIFU

As per the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, HIFU is a non-surgical procedure. This aesthetic process reduces the smoothing of the skin, improving jawline definition and tightening sagging skin. HIFU tightens the décolletage and lifts the cheeks, eyelids and eyebrows.


Some of the studies show that skin elasticity improves the lower abdomen and cheeks. Many people have improved the appearance of their faces and neck.


So, What’s it Like to Get HIFU?

You may experience a little bit of discomfort when it comes to HIFU. Some people feel a slight sensation or tiny electric pulses. In case you feel the same, you should discuss the side effects with a healthcare professional. After the treatment, you may also experience swelling or redness.


However, you can get back to normal life after the procedure. Some people face bruising — but that happens rarely. Of course, the effects are not seen after a few days.


On a Concluding Note

HIFU Sydney is a safe and non-invasive procedure that offers effective results. Compared with the surgical facelift, HIFU offers an array of benefits. It is also less expensive than the regular ones.


When you are looking for quick results, HIFU is a significant choice. Meanwhile, you should remember that the procedure is not a magical cure for ageing. If you are really old, this may not be the perfect solution for your skin.


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Lilly Isaacson
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