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How HR Processes Improve Employee Experience


Companies today can’t get by just offering basic benefits such as health insurance or travel allowance. They must go above and beyond to provide employees with an extraordinary experience. The overall employee experience is the sum of all kinds of interactions your employees have with your company. Interestingly, companies with high employee engagement pull in more revenue, in comparison to the companies with low engagement levels. That’s why it’s important for employers to design an ultimate and personalized employee experience. 


In every stage of the employee experience, HR needs to be thoughtful about the processes, tools, and resources that are being used for the comfort of employees. However, using different tools for different tasks can be overwhelming for employees as well as employers. That is why HRMS.ae’s HRMS Software is the best technology to rid of all these issues. It not only eliminates manual practices but also boosts up your HR department. 

However, before diving more into the software, let’s understand some of the important stages that can help strengthen the overall employee experience.

1) Recruitment of Candidates

Recruitment is the first stage for candidates as well as employers where they interact with each other. It’s important for your future employees to have a positive impression of your organization. And, the candidates make their point of view regarding that just with the interviewing experience. If you do not want to lose them to the competition, you must mark the best first impression on the candidate. 


  • Build up a solid reputation on public sites such as Glassdoor, LinkedIn, and more. It is the first impression they take away about your brand.

Be overly communicative, respectful, and empathetic of each employee’s time to create a positive impression.


  • By building up a solid reputation on public sites, you will be able to build your external brand. 
  • The potential and talented candidates will try harder to be a part of your organization.

2) Onboarding of future Employees

Onboarding not only helps set employees up for success but also by giving a positive onboarding experience can have a strong correlation with productivity and retention rates. As per reports, if future employees experienced great onboarding, they are more likely to stay with a company for three or more years. That is why the positive onboarding of future employees is very important for HR teams.


  • Many organizations wait until day one to begin onboarding, but start onboarding before the new hire starts. It reassures new hires that they chose a great employer.
  • Use the right tools to collect valuable data about the process. This will help you make data-driven decisions to improve the experience for employees.
  • Have frequent check-ins with new hires. This will give managers and HR a sense of how their experience is going. Also, it will help the employees adjust faster.


  • Celebrating new hires is highly correlated to attrition and retention. Undoubtedly, this is a prime opportunity to make a lasting impression.
  • Their healthy relationship with the employer will have a huge effect on the employee’s job satisfaction.

3) Development of Employees

If organizations are willing to provide opportunities for continual growth, employees will have an overall better experience. Helping employees reach their career goals will make them stay in your organization for a longer period of time. So, the development and training of employees over and over again make them feel valued and purposeful.


  • Offer a learning and development budget for employees for their growth opportunities. Besides that, you can also organize in-house training for the employees free of cost.
  • Ensure that the manager-employee shares a healthy relationship that can lead to their success. That is why it’s important to make sure managers have all the tools they need to thrive in their roles.


  • It is the most effective and proven way to build meaningful relationships with their employees. 
  • Giving experimental rewards or training completion gifts can encourage the employees and make them work harder.
  • Giving the power of choice in your employee’s hands will make them experience learning in a completely new way.

4) Retention of Employees

Organizations must continually pay attention to the employees when the dust settles and new employees become regular old employees. HR needs to know whether or not those employees are still having a good experience in the organization. Because without the retention of old employees, everything an organization works for will be in vain. 


  • Using a performance management platform, create a feedback loop for the employees. Through this, you will be able to keep a pulse on employee sentiment and identify gaps in the employee experience. 
  • Consistently offering growth opportunities is an evergreen strategy to retain employees. 


  • With the proper learning and growth opportunities, the employees feel valued. It will give them a sense of adding value to the organization.
  • The feedback from the employees will help HR teams to dig deeper into the situation and resolve the issues of the employees.

5) Alumni 

Most of the employees end their journey with the organization at some point in time. However, making that experience positive is vital to your company’s employer branding. Besides that, there are many employees who at first leave, but end up coming back. That is why it’s important to end on a good note. 


  • Conducting exit interviews is an opportunity to thank the employee for their contributions. 
  • For employees who leave voluntarily, demonstrate that you support their careers above anything else.
  • A simple email once a year asking about their whereabouts will surely leave a positive mark on the minds of employees. 


  • It inspires long-term brand loyalty and future employee referrals for the organization. 
  • It will leave a positive impact on the company culture of the employees. 
  • The experiential rewards will make them feel more appreciated and motivated about the organization.

How HRMS Software can help HR processes to improve the Employee Experience?

HR Software is the best software for any organization to improve the employee experience. It has amazing features such as Calendars & Employee Management, Payroll, Recruitment, Workflows, and many more. From recruitment to Payroll, everything is managed by one software in one interface. And nobody can provide you with better HRMS software than HRMS.ae. It provides best-in-class HR and Payroll Software with fully customized facilities according to your business needs.


Now you can see that there goes a lot of things into every single stage of employee experience design. From recruitment to alumni, there are various stages where employee experience plays a very crucial part for the benefit of employees as well as the organization. However, to simplify this difficult process with HRMS.ae HR software. It will eliminate the manual work and will boost the overall process of employee experience.

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