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Top 10 HRMS Software Dubai

Top 10 HRMS Software Dubai

The ultimate objective of your HR manager, whether you run a small or medium-sized business, should be to match the organization’s strategic goals with your talent needs.

This suggests effective planning and also the management of human resources.

Employees are our most valuable asset, we have long agreed.

Therefore, you’ll want to hire as many new hires as you can who have the optimal combination of skills, experience, work ethic, and attitude. If you get it right, the investment return is worth the effort!

Using adaptable, superior HRMS software in UAE can be the difference between attracting and also keeping top personnel.

The greatest method for locating the top HR software in the UAE is to:

  • Recognize the demands of the organization.
  • Set a spending plan that works for you.
  • Look for affordable HR software that matches your needs in the Middle Eastern market.
  • Make a demo session request for each program.
  • Analyze which software satisfies the needs of the business.
  • Make sure it’s straightforward to set up and integrate with other programs by checking.
  • Ask the merchant about their post-purchase assistance.
  • arrive at a well-informed conclusion.

The Middle Eastern market offers a wide variety of HR management tools.

Based on the size, kind, and quantity of your workforce, you can select the finest software management platform for your requirements.

Here is the list of the top 10 HRMS Software in Dubai

1. PeopleHum

In the UAE, peopleHum is a single-view comprehensive HR management system.

PeopleHum’s broad platform minimizes user and customer problems through a people-centric strategy, helping businesses be more prepared for the future of work.

For the needs of HR software in Oman, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and other Middle Eastern countries, peopleHum is also accessible in Arabic and English.



Using an AI-driven application tracking system, the recruiting module automates the sourcing, screening, and also selection of the most qualified job applicants (ATS).


The performance module focuses on ready-to-use feedback templates that can be customized, automated review cycles as well as a 360-degree feedback system.


Automated leave management, attendance tracking, and also employee surveys are all available to you with workforce management.


The platform enables the dissemination of business updates, the creation of intelligent employee ideation forums, and the facilitation of employee voices for complaints as well as issues.

Additionally, there are add-ons like a learning management system, e-Signature, and HR chatbot.


The best HR software in Dubai, Elate HRMS, eliminates manual work and improves your HR operation. The organizational setup is described in this software, which also assigns roles and permissions, routes error-free payroll, manages attendance, etc.

It is fully customizable to manage your employee life cycle from onboarding to leave based on company needs.

Additionally, organizations can use ELATE HRMS to create custom processes and forms for data collecting that are tailored to their needs.

They can also automate HR-related tasks like sending out mail warnings and starting automatic field updates to keep the data current.



By assisting with the creation of recruitment programs and the creation and also publication of job opportunities in accordance, HRMS makes it simple to manage your hiring process.

You can see in detail the designation, the number of positions, the current count, the open positions, and the estimated cost per position with the HRMS staffing plan.

Performance management

A performance assessment is used to evaluate as well as record an employee’s work performance.

Additionally, by creating an appraisal template for each role in the HRMS that includes the performance-defining criteria and appropriately weights each factor, you can manage employee reviews.

Employee management life cycle

The employee management cycle includes skill mapping, employee onboarding, promotions, and also separations. All of these tasks can be managed by a single piece of HR software (Elate HRMS).

Transfer management

The act of moving an employee from one position to another, usually at a different site, division, or unit, is known as internal mobility.

You can record staff transfers to different businesses or departments using the HRMS Employee Transfer document.


The training portion includes the training event, program, outcomes as well as feedback. In the HRMS, you can create a training program and schedule training sessions under it.

Following the training, staff members can offer feedback via Training Feedback and receive the results.

Travel and Expenses

There are times when employees must go beyond the country for work-related reasons, and the corporation is liable for some of their expenses. Employees can seek money for professional travel using the Travel request feature in HRMS.

Leave management

In this area, you can read more about how HRMS enables you to efficiently manage your company’s leave schedule. In addition to this different holiday, lists can be created in HRMS and distributed to your staff by your preferences.

Payroll Management

Payroll management includes keeping track of employee salaries, wages, bonuses, net pay, and also deductions.

Additionally, The payroll section of the HRMS allows employees to view their salary information.


With ERPNext, you can efficiently handle hiring, attendance management, expense tracking, onboarding, training, and also appraisals. It’s simplified human resource management.


1. Talent Acquisition

Intelligent talent acquisition as well as recruitment. Utilize a built-in recruitment tool to manage to hire.

This tool allows you to plan your labor needs, post job vacancies on your website, review and email applicants, and also save documents.

Additionally, we’ll make sure you don’t go over your HR budget by using linked data between staffing plans and job vacancies.

2. Employee Repository

Since it includes keeping track of external papers, managing employee information can be challenging.

You can upload and distribute multimedia files with ERPNext (such as images, videos, and documents).

You have the option of directly uploading the files or using a web link.

3. Training

With the help of our human resource training program module, continue to upskill your workforce.

Set up training events for your staff members, which will be instantly linked to their calendars so that everyone can view the schedule and make to-do lists by the training.

4. Key Performance Indicators

Utilize our Energy Points system to track employee performance unconventionally and also redefine team excellence.

You can monitor employees’ journeys and handle compensation increases and bonuses for top performance thanks to an integrated appraisal module and also a dashboard of crucial HR KPIs.

5. Automated Payroll

Embrace painless payroll processing and say goodbye to creating individual pay slips. Based on time sheets (with automatic validation), salary components, and also salary structures, ERPNext generates payslips automatically.

Other features are like

  • Expense Management
  • Automatic Attendance
  • Employee Leave Management
  • Customizations


The greatest candidates for Sage HRMS UAE are small as well as medium-sized organizations.

Numerous modules, including HR, Payroll, Attendance Tracking, Benefits Management, and others, are included in Sage HRMS.

Businesses can pick the modules that best suit their needs, and the HRMS in UAE will be implemented in accordance with their choices.

In addition to this even existing business systems can be integrated with Sage HRMS.


Track Benefits Easily

Track an infinite number of benefit plans, create reports, specify eligibility requirements, and automatically determine exact premiums as well as benefits expenses for employees, dependents, and also employers.

Time-off Management

A comprehensive set of tools allows for the recording of all kinds of time off, including vacation, sick time, bereavement leave, and also incident-based time off.

FMLA Tracking

Assigning regular leaves of absence, managing and reporting on FMLA-covered leaves of absence, monitoring the dates of medical certification and recertification, and also monitoring FMLA time used.

Powerful Reporting

With more than 100 standard reports that are available and that can be exported, printed, and previewed, your company’s analytical capabilities will be enhanced.

5. Darwinbox

A well-known supplier of cloud-based human resources management software is Darwinbox (HRMS).

Darwinbox provides a better, easier, and also mobile-first HR Tech experience that engages and empowers employees across their whole lifetime (from hire to retirement).

With features like an HR Voicebot, Advanced Talent Analytics, Candidate Shortlisting, OCR-based expenditure scans, and more, Darwinbox is utilized and adored by more than 850,000 employees.


  • Basic HR.
  • Management of talent.
  • Rewards & Acknowledgement.
  • A.I. and analytics.
  • Expense Control.
  • HR Workflow

6. Disprz

A learning management system called Disprz helps workers develop the skills needed to grow in their employment. It helps with the scalability of best practices, market expansion, and also consistency enhancement.

Additionally, employees can pursue career-advancing lessons on Disprz’s platform, which tracks progress, teaches skills that are applicable to their day-to-day work, and breaks down what is necessary to advance into manageable modules.


  • Self-service website.
  • polls and feedback
  • Management of talent.
  • Project Management.
  • Tests/Assessments.
  • Employee listing.
  • Employee Education.

7. Paylite HRMS

End-to-end HR software provider Paylite is based in Kuwait and has operations in other Middle Eastern countries.

The platform replaces antiquated systems with processes that are driven by systems, streamlining and speeding up the HR process.

Your sensitive information is always kept safe and also secured thanks to the security measures it contains.

Additionally, Paylite uses cutting-edge Microsoft technologies to keep your business operating efficiently and affordably.


  • Core HR.
  • Payroll.
  • Self Service.
  • Attendance System.
  • Recruitment Management.
  • Performance Management.
  • Onboarding.
  • PRO.
  • Mobile Apps.

8. Gulf HR

Gulf HR was developed in the Middle East to meet the distinct requirements of the Gulf region.

The program is supported by a commitment to customer education and support, as well as customizations and technical support.


  • HR Administration
  • Payroll.
  • Leave of Absence.
  • Employee Reporting & Time Tracking.
  • Process of HR approval.
  • Staff Self-Service.
  • Recruitment
  • Workforce preparation.
  • Performance of the workforce
  • HR Education.


Zoho People is a complete HR solution for businesses. It handles every HR procedure, including hiring, onboarding, time and also attendance tracking, employee performance evaluations, etc.

Through digital onboarding, engagement, management, time tracking, or appraisals, Zoho People will also streamline the organization’s hiring procedure and help new hires get up to speed.

10. Easy HR

Easy HR is a premium human resources solution for businesses, SMEs, as well as startups.

Employee Self Service, Leave & Attendance, Recruitment Management, Training Management, Payroll, and also Compliance, among other services, are all offered by Easy HR.

Easy HR has a UI that is simple to use and completely centered on usability.

HR Administrators can manage employee information, the hiring process, and other tasks using Easy HR, and also employees have 24/7 online access to self-service features.

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