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Laser Hair Removal: How Many Sittings are Required?

Saraswat Hospital
Laser Hair Removal: How Many Sittings are Required?

Laser hair reduction is a popular procedure among both men and women to get rid of unwanted body hair. Unlike other methods like waxing or shaving, laser hair removal gives more long-lasting results. It is safe, painless, and effective.

Before you decide to opt for a laser hair removal procedure, it is important to clear out any doubts or queries you may have with your doctor. At Saraswat Hospital, we have the latest equipment and skilled doctors to give you flawless and desirable results of laser hair removal in Agra.

How Many Sittings of Laser Hair Removal Do I Need?

One common query in the mind of anyone seeking laser hair reduction is how many sittings of laser hair removal would be required. To calculate this, one has to understand two things.

1. What is hair growth cycle?

To start with, let us first understand what is a hair growth cycle. Every hair in our body has a hair growth cycle – starting from anagen phase, which is the growing phase, catagen phase, telogen phase, which is the resting phase, and exogen phase, when the old hair is shed off.

2. How does laser destroy the hair roots?

When the laser beam is fired, only those hair roots which are in anagen phase, they absorb all the laser and get destroyed. Those roots which are in the other three phases – catagen, telogen, and exogen – are spared. Later, when these remaining hair roots enter the anagen phase, the laser is given again and they get destroyed.

At any one point of time, there are only around 30% of the entire hair population which is in anagen phase. So, as a result, only a small fraction of hair in the body – which is in anagen phase – gets destroyed at every laser sitting during the laser hair removal treatment.

The Number of Laser Hair Removal Sittings Required

It is seen by experience that about 6 laser sittings are required for 60% to 70% of the hair to get destroyed and the rest to get thinned. At Saraswat Hospital, initially, the doctor decides to go ahead with six sittings of laser hair reduction in Agra. Later on, there can be more sittings arranged if it is required.

The Time Interval Between Each Session

 Another very common query to come in every patient’s mind is – What should be the time interval between each laser hair removal session?

To give an answer to the above, there are two schools of thoughts among most doctors.

The first school says that the patient should come at regular monthly intervals. This means that the gap between each laser session is about 4 weeks. The laser hair reduction treatment continues following a fixed time schedule.  

The second schools says that the patient should come when he/she feels that there is enough hair density on the body. This time interval is irregular and the gap between each session gradually increases from one month to one and a half month and more. As the treatment goes further, the density of body hair gradually decreases, thus, increasing the interval before the next session.

At Saraswat Hospital, the second school of thought is followed for laser hair reduction in Agra. The patient gets the autonomy to decide when they should come for the next laser sitting so that they can get the maximum benefit out of each session.


While laser hair removal is a simple and straightforward procedure, it is best advised for the patient to clarify all their doubts and questions before starting the treatment. If you are looking for a reliable clinic for laser hair removal in Agra, then Saraswat Hospital is undoubtedly one of the best. The clinic is headed by AAAM-certified doctors offering the best cosmetic treatments at affordable prices.

Saraswat Hospital
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