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What Is E-Commerce Carbon Offsetting?

What Is E-Commerce Carbon Offsetting?

There has been absolutely remarkable growth in e-commerce over the years, considering that the global e-commerce market has surpassed the over $1 trillion threshold. However, the increase in growth has also led to a high propagation of carbon emissions. This is a situation that must be addressed if we mean well for posterity.

A carbon offset is one of the surest ways we can help mitigate carbon emissions. The next thing that comes to mind now would be, how can this be achieved? What could these carbon offsets be? How can they help e-commerce?

Ecocart, stripe climate, cleverly, and climate click at carbonclick.com for the most favorable carbon offsets as far as e-commerce is concerned. Additionally, carbon funds and cooler help offset shipping costs and stop carbon permits from the market.

Carbon Offsets.

They are simply decrements made in emissions (from carbon) that are utilized to cover for emissions happening somewhere else. Carbon offsets are marketed via online retailers, trading platforms, and international brokers.

Things to Look Out for When Buying Carbon Offsets

Effectiveness: they have to be very efficient and active.

Permanence: they have to stand the test of time, very durable.

Integrity: all the claims made in the carbon offsets projects have to be true and readily verifiable.

Types of Carbon Offsets for E-commerce


This is an extension from google chrome that aids environmental impact offsetting of orders made online. They can only provide you with this opportunity when the shopping is done with their partners. Presently, the eco cart is known to have made almost 28 million pounds of carbon dioxide offsets and saved thousands of trees.


This is a firm that owns software for carbon offsetting, which helps in the neutralization of carbon emissions. They have made it a point of duty to nullify the activities of carbon emissions in the world. They join hands with their suppliers to link carbon offsets projects to the people with the aim of completely neutralizing the impact of the said carbon. It is completely free to use.

Climate Click

It is a south pole extension created to lend a helping hand to governments and businesses in decarbonization around firms. Although there is a free version, the premium version of climate click is relatively expensive.

Stripe Climate

It was originally created as a payment processing template for the majority of businesses. Later, because of climate change and the need to combat it, the climate platform was launched. It is also a free platform for consumers.


The cooler can be described as a platform or an organization that joins hands with a couple of businesses to ensure the neutrality of carbon emissions. They have more than 15 years of experience and have made more than a million-dollar transaction, eliminating more than 2000 tons of carbon. They aim to neutralize carbon businesses

Carbon funds

This is also an organization that was founded to ease individuals, organizations, and other businesses striving to decrease the impact of their climate. They have been verified to be very effective. Other carbon offsets type include simply zero e-commerce and climate partner.

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