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Tips and tricks to maintain soft, shiny & healthy hair

Tips and tricks to maintain soft, shiny & healthy hair

Hair enhances beauty, not exactly, but yes, to some extent. Beautiful and healthy hair makes you look confident and charming.

While some suggest tips, others suggest healthy hair growth and haircare products. In this article, we will get you a mix of haircare tips and tricks and some amazing products to try your hands on. At Denisha’s Skincare & Cosmetics, we understand that every woman is unique and that her skin is her own canvas.

Tips and tricks to grow and maintain healthy hair

1. Regular oiling

Even if this sounds common, oiling has the most beneficial properties helping in hair growth. Oiling treatments improve blood circulation on the scalp but also help provide nourishment and shine to the hair. Warm up some oil and apply it to the scalp and length; tie or wrap the hair to let the oil work, and shampoo afterwards. You can choose from various oils, but avoid using mineral oil for hair.

2. Use chemical-free products

Chemicals are never healthy, neither in food items nor in haircare products. Harmful rays, dust, and pollution already damage the hair, and using chemical products can make it worse. Choosing a gentle, Paraben-free, sulfate-free shampoo, conditioner, mask, or gel is always a great option to avoid any itchiness, damage, or irritation.

3. Wash in the correct manner

Sometimes we skip washing our hair for a week; sometimes, we wash it too hard and tangled. Washing hair regularly and correctly plays an important role in managing hair health.

4. Use a wooden comb

Wooden combs help in nourishment as it doesn’t hurt the scalp. A wide-toothed wooden comb can help distribute the oil properly from the scalp to the length for healthier growth.

5. Regular trimming

Split ends have been a consistent problem faced during haircare. There can be numerous factors to split ends, like pollution, dust, heat styling, stress, smoking, etc. And trimming helps us get healthily rid of those split ends.

6. Eat healthily and stay hydrated

Our eating habits have a great impact on our hair growth. Food with protein and minerals is the right source of life for hair. Eggs, nuts, fish, green vegetables, berries, sweet potato, spinach, yoghurt, cinnamon, guava, etc., are healthy hair foods and fruits. It is also important to drink a sufficient amount of water to stay hydrated to ensure healthier hair growth.

7. Use hair caps and bands

Harmful rays and pollution damage the hair in a way that nothing else can, and bands and caps can help protect it from that damage. Protection from chlorinated water during swimming with hair caps and silk hair ties can help maintain soft and shiny hairs.

8. Limit the use of styling tools

While those classic heat styling tools make our hair look extra gorgeous, these tools can damage hair to a heavier extent. Instead, it’s better to style hair naturally, or you can occasionally use heat styling tools applying a good heat-protectant serum.

There exists a variety of hair care products to choose from, how to choose the right one?

Some factors to consider while choosing the right haircare product are,

  • Hair type – Coloured, blonde, bleached, split ends, hair loss etc
  • Hair texture – Thick or thin, normal, curly or wavy
  • Hair porosity – Low, Medium or High
  • Scalp type – Dry, Oily or Normal

The best way is to avoid chemical-based products and use of natural ingredients. You can opt for fruit-based products like Olive or Ginger shampoo and conditionerkeratin-based shampoo and maskcaviar-based products, etc.

To conclude

It’s important to manage and maintain your hair, and it’s even more important to do it correctly. So eat the right food, drink more water, choose the right product, and avoid heat.

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