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Mantra to Avoid Sleep While Studying

Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah
Mantra to Avoid Sleep While Studying

Exam times are stressful times. Children suffer from physical and mental sicknesses during exam days. It is also seen that children take lots of naps or sleep while studying. This blog will inform you of a successful mantra for avoiding sleep while studying, as well as the best english-medium school in howrah. So, how do you overcome sleepiness while studying?

1.     Get a good night’s sleep.

2.     Power naps

3.     Start a healthy diet.

4.     Stay well hydrated.

5.     Do not sit for long.

6.     Avoid studying in the bedroom.

Get a good night’s sleep.

Students who are studying for exams must get plenty of rest at night. A bedtime routine is a must to ensure a good night’s sleep. We require at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night to replenish our body's energy levels, which hampers productivity during the day. Switch off your gadgets half an hour before bedtime so that the brain knows it’s time to sleep. Sleeping and waking at the same time will help set a sleep schedule that will ensure sufficient sleep every day.

Power naps

Power naps during the day help you stay awake and avoid falling asleep while studying. If you don’t get enough sleep during your exam, then power naps are the best way to recover that last bit of sleep and freshen up within a few minutes. Make sure that your power nap is 15 to 20 minutes long.

Start a healthy diet.

A balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and nuts keeps you energetic and alert all day long. Foods that are rich in unhealthy fats make you dull and lethargic. A healthy meal provides sufficient energy from all the necessary nutrients and improves productivity. High-protein granola bars, fruits, raw veggies, or nuts are the ideal foods to avoid sleep while studying. These are the perfect snacks that energize you until mealtime and keep you awake and alert.

Stay well hydrated.

A child needs to be well-hydrated during their exams or their study time. Drink 2 liters, or 6 to 8 glasses, of water a day. If you find it difficult to remember, set an alarm on your phone to remind you to drink water every half an hour.

Do not sit for long.

To overcome sleepiness while studying, avoid sitting for long hours. Take short breaks every two hours or so. Walk around the house, step outdoors for a short walk, do some stretching exercises, or dance to your favorite tunes. Indulge in any activity that requires you to move around or gives you a break from sitting.

Avoid studying in the bedroom.

A bed often seems like a comfortable spot to sit and read or study. However, it is also the place you associate with sleep and relaxation. So, to avoid sleeping while studying, sit at your study table and sit up straight. Maintaining the right posture keeps your mind alert and helps you concentrate better. Also, make sure your study room is brightly lit. Studying under a study lamp darkens the rest of the room, which makes the mind drowsy. Whereas studying in bright daylight helps you focus better.


Thus, these are the successful mantras to avoid sleeping during exams. I hope you like reading it. After visiting the website, you can apply for admission to a CBSE school in howrah today. The cbse affiliated schools in howrah follow a curriculum that gives students ample time for revision before exams.


To avoid sleepiness while studying, avoid sitting for long hours. Take short breaks every two hours or so, walk around the house, get fresh air, and so on.

Sudhir Memorial Institute Liluah
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