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Your Summer Cleaning Checklist With 10 Essential Chores

Krishna Yadav
Your Summer Cleaning Checklist With 10 Essential Chores

Summers in London are generally mild and pleasant, letting you enjoy the warm weather and sunshine with pool parties, camping, BBQs, and whatnot. However, along with this joy, the warm days also bring a certain set of chores with them. 

Whether it is cleaning the carpets or dusting your outdoor furniture, as the season transitions, you need to prep-clean your home for this summer. After all, when you start spending your leisure time, you don’t want to bother about any unclean surfaces hindering your enjoyment.

So, here are a few essential chores to add to your summer cleaning to-do. 

  • Floor Cleaning 

With kids at home, floors are going to be especially messy with all the extra foot traffic. Ensure to sweep and mop them regularly. 

If you have carpet covering on your floor, vacuum it at least once a week. And when heavily soiled, summer is the best time to get them deep cleaned by hiring professional carpet cleaning in London.

Additionally, place rugs and mats at high-traffic points and restrict shoes to enter indoors.

  • Grilling Station Clean Up

Summers mean the grilling time. Ensure that your grilling station is all ready for those BBQs you’ll have. Clean the grill grates by burning off any remnants of food and wipe the surface thoroughly. 

  • Dust Your Patio Furniture

Spending time outdoors is what you’ll be looking for. So, sweep the floors of your patios and decks, and get your dusty outdoor furniture deep cleaned with the sofa cleaning services to enjoy the outdoors with comfort in the summer evenings. 

  • Clean The AC Vents

You need to have your HVAC system functioning with the utmost efficiency in the summer. But if your air vents are filthy, it will restrict airflow and won’t give you the cooling you need to beat these warm days.

So clear the dust piled up in your vents with a vacuum having a brush attachment or wash them off with soap and water after detaching them from the system.

  • Wipe Windows And Ceiling Fans

In warm weather, sufficient ventilation is what’s needed the most. Scrub those dirty windows as you don’t want them to bring in the air mixed with the contaminants piled on their surface. You can wipe clean the windows with a microfiber cloth and a vinegar solution spray. 

Don’t forget to dust the cobwebs and fan blades of your ceiling fans and reverse them later. Doing so will allow clean, cool air to flow downwards.

  • Refresh Laundry And The Bedding

With all the more sweaty and smelly clothes, your washer and dryer need to be in good condition. 

Don’t let the wet towels idle for long as they will quickly attract germs in a warm atmosphere. Dry the clothes thoroughly to not leave any moisture, preventing mold growth. 

Refresh your bedding often on these summer days. Toss the pillow covers, bedsheets, and blankets into the machine for a thorough rinse. Don’t forget to wash the curtains and blinds while laundering.

  • Refrigerator Clean Up

Remove all the unnecessary stock from your fridge and clean up all of its sections with a thorough wipe. Remove the detachable tray and containers to wash them with soapy water and dry them before assembling them again.

  • Thorough Kitchen Cleaning

The kitchen will have the most crucial need to get a thorough cleaning. The cooking odors and the food waste can get worse in the summertime. Make sure you dispose of the stale food quickly. 

Clean your kitchen appliances like the dishwasher, microwave, food processors, etc., regularly. Keep your kitchen counter tidied after every cooking session as any filth left can invite creepy insects inside.

You can pour vinegar down the sinks and drains to get rid of musty kitchen odors. 

  • Managing Trash Cans

You have to frequently empty the dust bins as the waste can start stinking faster in the summer days. Make sure you wash those bins after emptying them for the next use. You can also toss some cotton balls dipped in essential oils for eliminating odors.


  • Bathroom Cleaning

Clean the toilets at least twice a week as they need extra attention in this hot and humid weather. Ensure that you wipe the surfaces after every use and keep them dry all the time so as to discourage mold and mildew. 

Change and sun-dry the bath mats often. Keep your bathrobes, towels, and other bathroom laundry washed frequently.

Make sure that your exhaust fans are working to allow proper airflow to avoid moisture in the washroom.

Krishna Yadav
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