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3 Easy Tips for Helping Older Adults Boost Their Mental Wellness

Holland Farms
3 Easy Tips for Helping Older Adults Boost Their Mental Wellness

Decline in cognitive awareness leads to many health and living issues for senior adults, sometimes leading to other mental health issues that get in the way of the carefree living they desire. 

Looking for ways to boost mental wellness is a concern for anyone who loves an older adult. At Holland Farms, providing memory care in Norwalk in a beautiful setting is one clear way to make residents feel safe and happy in their new home. 

We know you care about your senior loved ones, and we are ready to help them boost their mental wellness. Here are a few tips for improving and maintaining good mental wellness in older adults by increasing the neuroplasticity of the brain and make new connections between cells to boost their brain function:

Get Physical to Engage the Body

Staying active and getting enough physical exercise is crucial for both the body and mind of the senior adult. Levels of awareness in people improve after even minor levels of physical exertion. 

Taking regular walks or doing something you enjoy like dancing or yoga are great ways to improve your activity level and improve balance which helps eliminate falls. Even very low-impact activities like stretching can help reduce common age-related issues like joint pain and bone fractures. 

Play Games to Engage the Mind

Besides the body, the mind must be engaged on a daily basis to avoid cognitive decline and maintain alertness. Beginning routines that help keep your mind alert will provide numerous long-term benefits. 

Mind games like puzzles can help with reaction time, critical thinking and problem solving, and planning skills. 

If you look at the monthly calendar for Holland Farms, you will see numerous game or puzzle opportunities, as well as those that involve more physical activity, in order to focus on the overall well-being of our residents.

Start a New Hobby

Beginning new activities can stimulate your mind in new ways that will have long term benefits for you due to the increased neuroplasticity involved with cells making new connections in your brain. 

It may be time to consider something you have always wanted to do, such as sewing, painting, working in a garden or other hobbies that could enhance your life. Taking up a new hobby can lead you to increased physical and mental activity, as well as possible new friendships. 

The CDC and Reasons You Should Make Holland Farms Your Home

Since the Center for Disease Control (CDC) indicates that at least 20% of seniors suffer from some sort of mental health concern, it is critical that we find ways to offset the advancement and prolong carefree living for the individuals in our care. 

The CDC also reports that social support is important to reducing the risk of mental illness, physical illness and even mortality. 

Our memory care in Norwalk may be just what you need to provide more daily opportunities for boosting your mental wellness. 

We at Holland Farms are here to help, and we would love to provide you more information about how we can do just that. If you’d like more information or to schedule a tour, just contact us!

Holland Farms
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