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Yard Drainage System - Advantages & Disadvantages of Yard Drainage Systems

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Yard Drainage System - Advantages & Disadvantages of Yard Drainage Systems

During heavy rainfall, it is vital to eradicate water from your premises. In case the downspouts or sump pump discharge pipe isn't away from your home, there is a possibility that water could enter your foundation, thereby resulting in seepage and structural issues. Furthermore, the downspout and sump pump discharge keep the water away from the foundation by keeping it within a bubbling pot that fills the yard with water. It not only improves the drainage system but also prevents tripping hazards from occurring due to extended downspouts.

Yard drainages are generally installed by landscaping companies and offer a myriad of advantages and disadvantages to the owners:

Advantages of Yard Drainage Systems

1. Keep water at bay, especially during heavy rains

2. Prevents downspout tripping incidents

3. Simplifies the process of yard maintenance

4. Prevents water issues from commencing


The disadvantage of having a yard drainage system is that you need a reliable backyard installation firm to get a quality and optimally performing system. The experts would leave no stone unturned in protecting your premises from water damage by customizing options according to your preferences.

How to Choose the Optimal Drainage System for Your Yard?

While selecting the yard drainage system, you will come across myriad options. Amid so many options choosing the right system often becomes a task. However, we have simplified the process by introducing popular backyard options so that you can choose the perfect fit for your premises:

Swale Drains

Swale Drains have become a preferred choice of owners. It has been considered subtle compared to its counterparts. They are often compared with ditches comprising wide and shallow openings. Like a ditch, it is usually covered with turf grass or other vegetation to help it mix up with the entire landscaping. It is well-equipped to handle soil erosion and prevent storms from degrading your premises. They are integrated within the place by drainage installation professionals.

French Drains

The popularity of French Drains is surging by leaps and bounds. Furthermore, They have become a preferred choice of modern households. The trench of French Drains is five feet deep with a gravel lining. Water accumulates within the perforated pipe that has been installed underneath. It is beneficial in eradicating water from nearby structures and foundations. During French drain installation, it is vital to ensure water moves toward the connected outlet instead of the central area.

Trench Drains

Trench Drains have become a crucial component of backyard drainage design. It comprises a simple trench with grates that cover them. It is done to prevent foreign objects from getting within it. These are installed on-premises with patios, pools, and areas of similar sizes.

The Wrapping Words

Having a backyard installation system can be a crucial decision and must be taken after performing thorough research. Ensure that the drainage is installed with the assistance of a reliable installation agency that recommends solutions to protect your property. If you are looking for an agency, consult well-established EPP Foundation Repair professionals in Houston today!

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