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Various Types of Art Gallery

Sarah Thomas

Finalising an Art Gallery is like deciding on a long term relationship with someone. Finding an art gallery that adds to your existing collection with the same undertone and matches up to your style and liking, is an important task at hand before you visit any gallery to purchase fine arts. There are various things that you should consider before finalizing an art gallery. Different art galleries have different kinds of fine arts. Various artist’s artwork is featured every couple of days. Each artist is different and each artwork is different. Finding artworks that is compatible to a collector’s artwork collection totally depends on the type of art gallery they visit. There is no all in one art gallery that can provide an art piece to each one of your liking.

Type of Art Galleries

A lot of artists use different platforms to showcase their work and reach out to their audience. “Is there an art gallery that exhibits only those art works that you like to collect”? Gallery alchemy exhibitions team says that there is no definite answer to that question. Because there are overlaps and merges between different styles of artwork. If you are an artist you would know that,” The artists and the artwork keep changing in this world”. They adapt to the modern era. An artist may not always create a traditional art form throughout his life. Though a few may, but not all. This applies for the art galleries as well. Then there are good and bad art galleries. Some commercial art galleries only work for money. But some owners are not always profit-oriented. Then, there are a few art galleries like Gallery Alchemy who feature local artists and are artist specific with their art exhibitions. They are a community of art lovers who encourage the local artists and their exhibition. This helps in adding local tradition to the art work that has been a part of their heritage since generations. The alchemy art group not only exhibits artwork of established artists but also exhibit local artists new and upcoming.

Basically there are 4 types of art galleries.

1.     Not all are Non- profit galleries.

These kinds of galleries take a great deal of skill and vision to establish and are difficult to maintain. They are funded by donations and personal funds. Though difficult to handle, these galleries are the most loved choice for a lot of artists. If an art work is sold, a part of commission goes to the institution while the rest is received by the artist, but the percentage commission is lower than commercially run galleries. A non-profit totally runs on funds. It is the main reason they do not encourage an unknown artist put up an exhibition. Local artists Sydney team and the local artists Melbourne team at the Gallery Alchemy have the opinion that, only a well renowned artist with a great portfolio is accepted in these galleries.

2.     A group of artist may run this type of profitable Vanity galleries.

These galleries are usually well established and profit-oriented galleries. They are located in affluent locations or tourists specific spots. They usually don’t mind accepting all kinds of decent artwork provided you pay for it. The art exhibitions Melbourne says that they do not bother about the quality because they are being paid before the artwork is even sold. They don’t bother about the artist’s incentive or commission. Instead they charge every artist to book their space in their artistic creations studio to exhibit their work. This is a loss for the artists because they don’t get paid whatsoever. Even if the art work is purchased the incentive is too low. It’s merely an exploitation of an artist. Usually young and upcoming artist prefer such galleries to gain some confidence, knowledge and experience.

3.     Rental Galleries are spaces where the artworks are not made but only the space is rented for an artist to exhibit his work.

Again these galleries may be run by a group of artists for the purpose of art exhibition from time to time. You will need to pay a small amount of registration to secure your spot. This group of artists are not totally profit- based and you may learn and earn if you are a part of their community also known as art exhibitions Sydney. With all the other artists you take your turn on a routine basis and get to showcase your beautiful artwork. The costs are affordable and you can be a part of something that’s live and happening.

4.     If you are related to the art world you definitely know about commercial gallery.

This kind of gallery is for those people who have made a name for themselves in the art world. As an author, I take the liberty to say that you should also have good contacts in the upper class of society and be socially active. Your artwork is your business plus art. Commercial galleries will only accept your art work if you have a set of high class followers who are interested in collecting your art form. Your agent and you will be sharing the profit between the two. Commercial gallery owner knows that they get their profit only when they sell an artist’s art work. Though the competition is tough, but a commercial gallery runs a profitable business.

5.     Then there are the online Galleries

As the name suggests, these kinds of galleries exhibit artworks online. They may have a website of their own or from time to time an artist may exhibit his artwork for sale in his own website or through an art gallery online.

Though these are not the only ones, but these are the basic categories of an art gallery type. In recent times there have been many combination of these basic categorisation and many more have evolved.

About the Author

Gallery Alchemy is a contemporary art gallery in the heart of Milton, NSW. Established Feb 2021, Gallery Alchemy exhibits the work of emerging and established artists & makers by both local and international artists. Stay up-to-date with our latest exhibition schedule by joining our VIP list.

Sarah Thomas
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