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The Ultimate LASIK Eye Surgery Guide

The Ultimate LASIK Eye Surgery Guide

Do you remember that moment when you wake up and you feel great because you don’t have to look for your glasses or search through your contact lens case? If so, you're not alone. Here at Smart Vision Eye Hospital, we provide you with the best LASIK treatment across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh with a team of the best LASIK surgeons.

LASIK eye surgery is a groundbreaking intervention for many people suffering from vision problems, enabling them to witness the world clearly. Join us on an exploratory voyage through LASIK, as we unravel its definition, mechanisms of action, and aftermath.

What is LASIK?

One of the most commonly used types of surgical correction procedures is known as LASIK or Laser-Assisted In-Situ Keratomileusis. This method involves shaping the cornea in a way that would allow proper focusing of lights onto the retina and hence result in sharp vision.

How Does LASIK Work?

Let’s take an example of the cornea, which is the outermost lens of our camera called the eye. This kind of image is caused by irregularities in the shape of that lens, which results in unclear pictures when light passes through it. An irregularly shaped cornea also causes a vision problem. LASIK uses a laser to carefully change the contour of the cornea such that light is well directed to the retina for proper focusing.

Creating A Flap:

For this LASIK process, the surgeon will first have to make a thin flap on the cornea using a small knife called the microkeratome or another tool known as femtosecond laser. The covering of this flap is lifted and exposes the hidden corneal tissues underneath.

Laser Reshaping:

Subsequently, an excimer laser which is an ultraviolet-specific laser is employed for the removal of a tiny piece of corneal tissue. Its precision is outstanding and little dislocation for the corneal tissues surrounding the process.

Flap Re-Positioning:

Finally the doctor replaces and fixes the section of the cornea as it was before surgery. The self-adhering property of the cornea is possible because of the natural suction.

The LASIK Experience

Many people are worried that the LASIK process must, by necessity, be painful. You should be comforted that in the pre-surgery stage, eye drops will first be offered so as to numb your eyes followed by little or no pain reported by many patients.

It usually takes 20 minutes each eye and you are most likely going notice improvement in your vision as it happens. Despite this, you need to make arrangements for somebody to drive you home afterward because your eyesight may be somewhat unclear in the beginning.

Do I qualify for LASIK?

Though LASIK has been found to be a safe and excellent procedure for most patients, not all can receive this treatment. Considerations for eligibility include age, general health, and the stability of one’s prescription. Your suitability for LASIK can be determined by having an eye exam conducted by a competent ophthalmologist.

Benefits of LASIK

Quick Recovery:

Within a day or two most of the people with LASIK have their corrected visions. Although, some of these patients will have slight discomfort but recovery always happens quickly.

Freedom From Glasses And Contacts:

LASIK will most likely significantly improve your vision, such that you will no longer require glasses or contact lenses. Picture yourself opening your eyes in the morning without struggling for your visual aids so as to know what you are seeing.

Long-Lasting Results:

Several LASIK patients experience years of improved sight. Although there will be some age -related changes that can occur later in life and ultimately affect your eyes, many people’s vision stays sharp for a long period after this operation.

Considerations and Risks

Although Lasik is known as a safe operation there are some risks and side effects that should be acknowledged. Such may lead to dry eyes, glare, halos, and difficulty in seeing at night. It is also important that you discuss the possible results of laparoscopic surgery with a surgeon beforehand so as to make an educated choice.

does lasik surgery permanently fix eye sight | before and after results of lasik eye surgery at smartvision eye hospitals

Finding the Right Surgeon

A good LASIK experience depends highly on selecting the best surgeon. SMART VISION EYE HOSPITAL is the best place where you can find a LASIK surgeon.

In addition, Smart Vision Eye Hospital in Hyderabad has numerous LASIK procedures suitable for various people. They have experience in a range of advanced methods like Contoura, Femto, Smile, or PRK. The latest mapping techniques are applied in contoura LASIK so as to perform accurate corneal reformatting whereas femtosecond laser is used for more precise creation of the corneal flap in femto lasik. SMILE is a minimally invasive approach that does not involve a flap in the cornea and allows faster recovery. Furthermore, PRK (photorefractive keratorectomy) serves as another option that involves direct treatment of the corneal surface. The availability of various LASIK alternatives at the Smart Vision Eye Hospital demonstrates their devotion to delivering personalized treatments that yield the best results in vision correction


LASIK is a journey with the transformative power that helps in living free of glasses and contact lenses. Just like any medical practice; information gathering, consulting with experts, and a well-informed decision based on own requirements are vital.

This is true if you have been looking for avenues to see the world clearly. You should go and consult an experienced eye surgeon who will help in exploring if LASIK is the right opportunity leading to clear vision.

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