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diana fox

Four Teams left, and you are wondering whether you have made a mistake. Maybe New Orleans isn’t really the long shot here. Maybe the Bayou recovery story has a magic all its own that has buoyed the team to such heights, they will not be denied. What is to be said of the intangibles that seem impossible to quantify, yet seem to play a vital roll in the outcome. While it makes great copy, inspiring sports readers for generations, the bettor has to remain unemotional when determining which “horse” to back.

Having developed special value planning tools using cutting edge European models to quantify intangibles to provide true valuation of companies, I can imagine that the same may be applied to teams in identifying their true “Value”. However betting on teams whose value is quantified in dollars is too risky for any consistency. Even if you were betting on the Yankees to win, you would still be better looking at their performance, which in business terms is a lagging indicator of value.

What does all this translate to? In a word, SENSE, as in common sense. Do not get caught up in the euphoric idiocy of fellow bettors as their unwise gambles pay off. The backside of their foolishness has a sharp sting, and if you are not careful can wipe you out for years to come.

Here are several common sense tips coming into the end of Football season.

Don’t bet with money you cannot afford to lose. Putting next months mortgage down to cover the spread in this weekend’s conference championship matches is about as foolish as taking that same cash out into the back yard, pouring gasoline on it and lighting it on fire. The best bettors are usually those that have the most control over their finances. Every dollar is earmarked and no compromises are ever made. If that $600 is for groceries, than it will not be spent in full or part on anything other than groceries. Now after managing your finances you are able to earmark some disposable income towards betting, than you can afford to lose.

Winning is easy, losing is hard. Any dolt can slam down a c-note and with a monkey’s prowess pick a winner. The difficult thing is knowing how to keep your losses at a minimum. To do this well, one has to be prepared to establish a series of bets or positions, thus limiting your risk. The worn out adage not to put all your eggs into one basket is worn out because after all these centuries, it still applies.

Never Bet your Loyalties. If your alma mater or favorite pro franchises have your unending support, season tickets, logo-wear, first born named after famous QB, etc, than do yourself a favor and never bet on that team. When I state never, I mean NEVER. The worst bettors to be around are those that illustrate a gluttony of punishment seldom seen. Their emotional involvement makes each bet a nail biting stress inducing event that when won only provides temporary relief, but when lost reduces the bettor into a raging monster or a candidate for the Betty Ford clinic. Again betting should never be an emotional activity, and if you bet for your favorite team, you are asking for trouble.

Consistency is Cool. In simple terms, find a system that you are comfortable with, lay the ground rules and never deviate. Consistency in your betting means that you will enjoy returns over the long term. By always following your personal rules of your betting strategy (we are assuming this is a strategy based on sound principles of minimizing risk) Check this site for more betting strategy.

Humility keeps you in the money. The ability to admit to yourself when you have deviated from your strategy, made an emotionally based bet or failed to establish a series of positions vs. a large single open position, allows you to learn from your mistakes. People, who are unable to see when they are headed down a bad road of faulty betting, are doomed to repeat their mistakes. Keep ego out of it. If you make a huge killing one weekend, quietly celebrate with friends and family instead of partying it up. There will be plenty of opportunities to celebrate in a more grandiose fashion when your betting account has accrued winning interest over time.

Bet what you know. I cannot count the number of times I have seen people start forking over hard earned cash through betting windows at the track or with the sports books when they have no clue what they are betting on. Sure they may understand the basic tenets of putting money down on a horse to win, but what experience do they have regarding horseflesh? Why bet on a greyhound race or a Jai Alai match without having entrenched yourself into the sport itself. It isn’t enough to just know the rules or which teams, players or animals are better. The more you know about the sport you are betting on, the more it minimizes the risk you undertake when you bet.

Never chase the big story. During the week prior to the game or event, news will come out concerning various aspects of the franchise. If Player A twists his ankle and is probable for the game. The question you only need ask yourself, is if their participation will affect the final outcome. Not all the noise in between. Sure a star RB may affect the number of points scored, or make it easier for the team to score points, but their absence may not change the final outcome of the game. If that doesn’t change, that chasing the big story by switching sides only costs you unnecessary stress and money.

Finally Don’t Get Greedy. Going for buy viagra 100mg the big one is a sure sign of greed, desperation or both. It can easily turn a one-time event to a habitual downward trend. Nothing can unravel a savvy bettor than getting sucked into the funnel of greed. Becoming subservient to greed means losing your entire discretionary betting portfolio in the short run and in the long run, losing everything else.

online betting isn’t for everyone, so for those that do so, remember this championship weekend to use a little common "cent’s" when putting your money down.

diana fox
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