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Types of Villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Abigail Smith
Types of Villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons
The number of villagers in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is 402 and players can recruit them in their village to make the town better. These villagers and animals are an essential part of the game, or they can be described as the heart of the whole series.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons has never seen the likes of villagers’ numbers ever before. Apart from the villagers, animals also came back with a unique appearance and numbers. However, you can only get 10 villagers for a room on your island. Despite the fact, there are some villagers who prefer to live alone, and you can’t get them along with other villagers.

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How Many Currently Available in Animal Crossing: New Horizons?

In March, there was total number of 402 villagers who have counted in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. But on the list of 402, some individual villagers are not added yet, and these special villagers are Mable, Saharah, Kicks, and Tom Nook. Although these villagers are available in the game, there can be more villagers by creating them. With 402 number of villagers, there are 35 other different species of animals also available and 8 different types of personality people.

How Many Villagers Can You Have on Your Island?

Well, as you know there are 402 villagers are available and in one room, you can only get 10 villagers. So if 10 is the limit, then you have to choose wisely that what kind of villagers you need to add in your village. Choosing villagers randomly can make some things wrong, and you will not be able to make an entire village. Always keep in mind that there are several types of villager personalities available, so you need to choose your villager as per this. Some villager doesn’t like to be with other villager and in that condition you need to keep them separate.
In order to make the village better, it is necessary to add the right personality of the villager. To choose the right villager for your town, you need to have guidance and information of every villager that you will add in your village. Every villager works differently, and that is why separating them from their personality becomes important when playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Personalities of Villagers

To make the village better and a beautiful island, it is vital to make your villagers get along with each other. Personality matters a lot for making the right village for living. Some villagers do fight and treat other villagers in a disgusting way.  In Animal Crossing: New Horizons, there is a total of 4 female personalities and 4 male personalities.

Female Personalities
  • Normal – Female with typical personalities are kind and helpful, and they are normal upon several things. They are mostly along with the peppy personality type villagers, but they can also get along with the snooty and cranky personality as well. They only get upset from lazy villagers because most of the lazy villagers command them to cook food for them.
  • Snooty – Snooty personality types of females tend to be fashionable and also arrogant in some situations. They are a right pair with snooty and smug personality characters. The cranky personality type of characters is do not like either prefer the lifestyle of snoofy.
  • Peppy – The peppy personality creatures are friendly in nature. The cranky and snoofy spread rumors of peppy; however, the poopy personality villager never say anything keep kind always. Poppy saw with lazy, normal, smug, and Uchi type of personality characteristics.
  • Uchi – The meaning of Uchi is “big sister” which is a Japanese word. Uchi is a delightful personality character that gets along with several other characters of the game. They mostly get along with the normal personality and peppy personality characters. Apart from this they also appreciate the character personality of snooty and smug.
Male Personalities
  • Jack – Jack’s personality characters concentrate on eating right because they workout a lot, and this is not something easy for other village characters. Because jack is an active and exercise character personality, they don’t get along with characters like lazy, cranky and snooty. In fact, they are better to go with smug, Uchi, and peppy personality characters.
  • Cranky – Cranky prefer to go along with cranky personality characters. They prefer not to go along with other characters like peppy, Uchi villagers, whereas they hate Snooky and the smug characters. They don’t go anywhere along; neither you will see them anywhere together in the game.
  • Smug – Smug brag a lot, and they go only with other smug characters. Just like smug personality characters, lazy and peppy are no different than them. Along with it, smug characters, Uchi and cranky, are different and better than smug.
  • Lazy – Lazy doesn’t do much work, and they are much focused on eating. Lazy can be in friendly environment with lazy, peppy and cranky characters. But they don’t like snooty and jack because their working and personality do match with each other. In front of a normal personality character, they feel upset.
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