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How to Make Drop-Down Menu in Shopify

Abigail Smith
How to Make Drop-Down Menu in Shopify
Develop an online store that is not a little feat. And Shopify is a ranking eCommerce platform, and it is a great selection. Shopify can help you via the settings process and also instruct you how you can help your Store.

But here you need to do one thing manually that is creating a drop-down menu. It is helpful for your customer that easy to find items and attach to where you wish to add. It is especially useful when Store begins to grow.

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In this article, we will teach you what you need to know regards Shopify drop-down menu and how to create a Drop-down menu.

Creating Online Business Along With Shopify

Set up Shopify account, not a long process. But when you go via the creating process, the Store is in the baby legs. The entire vital Shopify set up will be automatically applied, and you are left with several customizations.

 Now you need to add product, create a collection, write blogs, and also link to another page. So first, you have to know how you can edit your Shopify drop-down list.

Here are the steps on how to edit and add products to main menu:

  1. Launch the Shopify admin page then choose “Online Store” and then tap on the “Navigation” button.
  2. In the Navigation bar, choose the menu you wish to change.
  3. Choose “Add menu item.”
  4. Write in title name of your item, and you have to add special character and emoji too.
  5. Choose the “Link” button and then select the type of link. Or you can also type in the web address bar that will guide to different page.
  6. Choose the “Save menu.”

You have to repeat the above process several times that you wish or according to your need for developing your Store. Whenever you wish to change, then you only need to follow the two steps of the above process and then choose the “Edit” button in the menu.

Then you can create the change and then choose “Apply.” when you wish to add more items on your menu for Android Application and iOS, the steps to edit and add on your original menu are matching with the web portal.

Set Up Drop-Down Menu

Several online businesses and online Stores have a drop-down menu that is used for further group products on their pages. Several customers expect these features of navigating because this is easy to find the item.

The drop-down menu are mainly nested in the top-one product into your page. Take an example, if you are selling man’s clothes, then the top items are in the accessories.

Now here, you need to make a drop-down menu that is customized product into jewelry, watches, and bags. Make sure that the top-one product that has nested product under it.

Here are the steps on how to add drop-down menu:

  1. Launch the Shopify admin page then choose “Online Store” and then tap on the “Navigation” button.
  2. Choose the title of the main menu.
  3. Choose a menu product under the drop-down menu to choosing “Add Menu item.” Now, Write the name of your product and then attach the link. When you don’t have a link, then you need to type “#.”
  4. Choose and drag product in the nest under the header.
  5. Choose Save.
  6. In this way, your drop-down menu, and also the main menu, will appear on which theme you have chosen.

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Abigail Smith
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