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Facial Recognition And The Present-Day World

Richard Branson
Facial Recognition And The Present-Day World

As technology is running fast with time, it is bringing new aspects to human life. Facial biometrics is the newest of these advancements. Who could think your facial features could unlock your phone? Well, it seems that technology has taken a pledge to transform fiction into reality.


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The highest of security could be the one that can never get hacked. Yes, the Face ID. With the arrival of iPhone X, people have gained access to this kind of security.

Not only do mobile phones enjoy the benefit of face id, but other organizations and firms use this technology for a myriad of purposes. Improvement of user interface and prevention of frauds are to name a few.

Evolution Of Face Recognition

The inception of facial recognition is backed in 1960. During that time, the concept was taking baby steps, and it was impossible to think that this could be used so commonly in 2020. The idea of machines reading faces was evident in only superhero movies. However, little did the laymen know that scientists were working hard to make it a reality. They worked day and night and brought something that was unbelievable. Today, face recognition has taken its full shape and is now readily available for laypeople to incorporate in their lives. Four essential steps, namely face detection, face capture, face transformation, and face match, are involved with the working of the technology. Facial recognition didn’t stop here. With miraculous advancements in technology, multiple new innovations are added to the primary concept. These days, devices not only recognize faces, but they are also capable of inferring through facial emotions. Truly incredible!

Facial Recognition And 2020

Till now, people rely entirely on the basic id and password procedures of logging in. They create a strong password to avoid any hackings and take a sip of relaxation. Having said that, there is no doubt that it’s not very difficult to hack these two elements. With the mounting cases of cybercrimes presented by newspapers every day, it won’t be wrong to say that hackers are getting smarter and smarter. You just can’t relax with all your information kept in a loose lock. This is where facial recognition comes to the forefront.

With the great help of facial recognition, only authorized men and women can unlock the databases. The chances of getting hacked or cheated decrease, increasing the chances of profits. If you have a large organization to manage, you just can’t afford to lose your data just like that. Who’ here to rescue- face recognition.

Retail Theft

 Retail stores aren’t as significant as big IT firms. In recent years, retail thefts have raised their polls, leaving many retailers furious and disappointed. Even if there is tight security in a store, keeping a check on every customer and visitor is next to impossible. What to do? Let the recent technologies handle your sorrows.

With face recognition technology, the retailer can easily identify the thief. You may have to get your face recognized to enter the shop. Also, if the retailer is unfortunate enough to let the thief go, he can circulate the identity of the prospective thief to other stores. This way, the thief would not be able to enter other stores with his spiteful intentions.

Taking User Experience To The Next Level

It takes a lot of time to create different accounts at different places. Well, it takes more time to remember all those ids and passwords. You can’t change your face, and that’s your biggest power here. In case of ids and passwords, noting them down too is dangerous, as the data might land in wrong hands. Also, it is tough to keep all of these in your memory. Imagine yourself in an important presentation, and you want to unlock an account. Suddenly, out of nervousness, you forget the passwords and keep the listeners waiting for long. To avoid such bad experiences, use your face as your key to the lock. Many business giants are using this for their day to day functioning, and are setting an example of exemplary management and functionality. This is not only a smart technique but also a less time-consuming task. No wonder technology has decreased the burden on human memory.

Transactions Made Threat-proof

It was a hard time for people to trust online payments. Yet, when people read cybercrime reports in newspapers, their trust starts evading again. The newest facial identification has allowed for a trust regain on online payments. Supergiants like Google and Amazon have stepped up the game with making payments securer than ever. The recent “smile to pay” feature by Amazon has gained much popularity, only because it allows for a safe transaction. Not to forget, Mastercard too is moving towards a “pay through face” feature. Fraudulent don’t get a chance to keep an eye on your hard-earned money, and thus a decrease in cybercrimes is expected.

Unauthorized Access Isn’t Possible Anymore

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that your data is not 1005 safe. It’s time users leave the traditional passwords and codes as their means of protection and safeguard their sensitive data through face recognition. Real-time face recognition ensures that only the authorized person gets access to the data. The liveness of the user is tested too, which adds up to its security promises.

National governments need to switch to these technological advancements for better security of national data. This way, the country could be saved from any damages and threats that could be possible before. In such a scenario, growth and prosperity are the most obvious outcomes.

The Final Words

Facial recognition is hands down a true blessing in the name of technological advancements. While the concept is not as popular today, it is expected that it will fly high in the coming years. As more and more companies are in a quest for being smarter than the other, it’s no doubt these companies would welcome such advancements with open arms. It is expected that the facial recognition market will grow by $6.84 billion by 2021. The near future is brighter than ever!

Richard Branson is a self-professed security expert; he has been making the people aware of the security threats. His passion is to write about Cyber security, cryptography, malware, social engineering, internet and new media. He writes for Norton security products at norton.com/setup.

Richard Branson
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