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Top Life Hacks for Playing Minecraft

Julia Smith
Top Life Hacks for Playing Minecraft
  1. Coal is a very important resource in Minecraft. It’s required for making torches and preparing food. Coal is often not enough for beginners. Exploring caves in search of coal at the very beginning of the game, when you still don’t have good armor and weapons, can be quite long and dangerous. But the wood from which you can make charcoal is very easy to get. Just burn a block of wood and a wooden board in the oven. But charcoal has one drawback: you cannot craft a coal block which is needed for cooking. But you can make torches to light your home.
  2. Craft your bed as early as possible and carry it with you everywhere. As soon as it starts to get dark, right-click on the bed and go to sleep. Staying awake at night when you are away from home is very dangerous, as you will be targeted by hostile mobs. Sleeping in bed lets you just skip the night. It's much safer this way.
  3. When exploring a mine, fence off areas you have already explored. This will help you avoid wasting time and walking in circles around the places where you have already collected all the resources. And in general, try to mark the path with road signs to better navigate the terrain. Better yet, write down the coordinates of your home, mines and treasures.
  4. Often there is a situation when you have a vegetable garden, but the harvest is not yet ripe, and you urgently need to eat. In this case, bone meal will be very useful to you, because if you use it as fertilizer, the crop will ripen very quickly. Kill skeletons and craft flour from their bones. It is advisable to always have it in stock.
  5. If you want colored wool, it is more profitable to dye the sheep rather than the wool blocks themselves. You can only dye one block of wool, and if you dye a sheep and then trim it, it will drop from one to three blocks of wool of the desired color. In addition, the color of the sheep will be preserved, so you can recycle the colored wool from it. And also, when two sheep of the same color are reproduced, their lamb will be the same color as the parents.
  6. There are several ways to get roast meat right away by killing cows, pigs, sheep, chickens, and rabbits. This will save time on food preparation. The first way is to set fire to a block of earth underneath or next to the animal using a flint. You can simply pour a bucket of lava onto the mob. But in this case, you need to immediately collect the lava back, otherwise the meat will disappear. You can also kill an animal using a sword with the Aspect of Fire or Ignite enchantment.
  7. Flint and TNT are also very useful for clearing areas. With their help, you can, for example, quickly clear a cave. Don’t worry about the ores, they will remain in place. But, of course, these products are worth using away from your home. It’s generally advisable to carry the flint with you at all times if you use portals.
  8. Also, water can be used to clear areas of wheat, grass, snow, cobwebs, and other objects. But be careful: water can carry rails and other items made with Redstone. Another interesting use of water is that you can safely descend from cliffs. Pour a bucket of water off the cliff, then immediately collect it back and slowly descend from the resulting waterfall.
  9. You can avoid death if you accidentally fall off a cliff or fall into an abyss. To do this, as soon as you start falling, pause the game. Then come back, fly a short distance, and pause the game again. Repeat this action until there are only 2 blocks left between you and the ground. This will prevent you from taking damage. Of course, this lifehack is quite cheating, but it's useful to know it. There is another way: during the fall, pour water under you. Sometimes this is enough to mitigate the damage and not die.
  10. Use lingering potions. If you are overtaken by a crowd of zombies, run into the narrow passage and throw a healing potion near the entrance. A cloud is formed, passing through which, zombies will receive damage and die. If enemy mobs pushed you against the wall, just throw the potion next to you (but not at yourself). The effect will be the same. Also, lingering potions are effective in PVP on servers. Just throw such potions on the way of the players running at you, and during the action of the cloud, run away or take drinking potions to restore health.
  11. Get busy automating your daily activities. On the Internet, you can find many tutorials on creating moboferms, automatic farms, generators, etc. Of course, the manufacture of such mechanisms and devices will take you quite a lot of time and resources, but it will definitely pay off.
  12. Tame wolves and cats. Wolves follow you and kill hostile mobs, leaving you their drop and experience, and cats scare off creepers.
  13. There are several decent free Minecraft alternatives out there. If you don’t have money for games right now, we recommend that you try to play Realmcraft. This is a really very similar game in which you can do the same. Nearly all Minecraft survival tips work in Realmcraft as well.
Julia Smith
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