SEO services in 2021: what do new entrepreneurs need to know?


Back in the early days of the internet, it was easier to make your website rank high in Google SERPs simply by keyword stuffing: cramming in as many target keywords onto a page as possible, and watching your page hit page one of the search results.

The result was a poor user experience for users of Google search: the first results for a search term weren't necessarily the best results, they were just the results for those SEOs who were most successful at gaming the system.

But since the late 90s Google has become a far bigger and more wealthy company, and so it has put a tremendous about of resource into improving the quality and the UX of its search engine. It's now far more difficult for SEOs to achieve a page one result for a keyword with high competition.

But at the same time, in 2021 it's now more important than ever for new businesses to get good results from their SEO. With an increasing number of online businesses all competing for customers, ranking on the first page of the SERPs can give a huge competitive advantage to the business.

So what do new entrepreneurs in 2021 need to know in order to succeed at SEO for their business? Read on to get three key top tips:

First, a definition: what is SEO? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it is the practice of actively working to make a given web page perform well in search engine results. SEO services will all offer some aspect of this. This usually focuses on Google, because it is the largest search engine by far, but new SEOs shouldn't dismiss other smaller search products such as Google's Bing.

1. Produce the best quality content you can

Google's search algorithm is so clever now, that it can easily analyse a web page and make a good judgement about the quality of the content. Sometimes, achieving the best search results position really is as simple as publishing content which is of higher quality than your competitors.

2. Make sure your website provides an excellent UX

UX (user experience) is now a key aspect of acheiving a position on page one of Google's results pages. This means exactly what you'd expect: you need to make sure that anyone clicking on your link will have a good experience when they land on your web page. This should include everything from fast loading speed, clear and understandable web interface, and helping the visitor quickly find exactly what they're looking for. This means acheiving a good conversion rate.

(Note on Google's algorithms: when talking about this, people often refer to a single algorithm, but in fact Google has many different algorithms which all work together to analyse different aspects of a website. These separate algorithms will then all come together to make up the overall analysis of your web page.)

3. Build links - but be very careful!

Even in 2021, one of the ways you can make the biggest impact on your search performance is to get other high-quality websites to mention your web page on their site and add a hyperlink to your page.

What's key here is that spammy, low-quality links will do far more harm than good, and your website can be penalised if Google suspects that you're trying to cheat the system by building lots of meaningless links.

To do a good job of this, you need to make sure that the websites linking to you are doing so for genuine editorial reasons, and that the links are useful and beneficial to anyone reading that web page.

SEO services - conclusion

So there we have it: three core elements of doing well with SEO. But this is just an introduction, SEO is a huge topic with much to learn. So keep reading, keep practicing, and above all, make sure you don't try to cheat to achieve quick results, or you'll likely have a negative impact on your website and end up in a worse position than when you started.

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