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Linda Tyler

Hospitality business became a widespread phenomenon, which inspires many applicants to choose majors dedicated to the current industry. In addition, hospitality business depends on the consumers and their desire to travel and spend money on hotels, restaurants, rental of apartments, and other hospitality services. Nevertheless, this type of business requires outstanding leadership skills, which would accompany highly qualified hospitality managers in the decision-making process. From the perspective of my professional growth, it is necessary to conduct self-analysis, which would outline both strong and weak leadership components, evaluate the potential companies for further application of skills and knowledge, and define the most effective way to become a successful global hospitality manager.

Self-Analysis & Global Leadership Critical Components

In my viewpoint, my personal strong components of global leadership include teambuilding skills, emotional intelligence, and energizing. First, I believe that as a potentially successful leader in hospitality, I have well-developed teambuilding skills, which make the communication process between the individuals in a team clear and free from conflicts. Secondly, another personal advantage is emotional intelligence, which ensures smooth management of business and development of harmony in the workplace. Mutual respect, understanding, and support allow me relating to other people and accepting the diversity of opinions, cultural values, and personal peculiarities. Finally, energizing is an outlining feature of my leadership components, which allows seeking for inspiration and inspiring others continuously with fresh and creative ideas. Energizing is also the key to effective motivation, which would be helpful in the future career . These leadership components are crucial to integrating in the hospitality business with intense competition.

However, I have some weaknesses, which require improvement in order to become ready for the obstacles in the hospitality business. First, envisioning is my weak point. Considering that the world is full of opportunities, ideas, and creative approaches towards hospitality sector, it is difficult for me to select a single idea and develop it without thinking that there could be a better way to start business. This problem requires immediate improvement in the light of making detailed plans and gaining confidence in personal ideas. The solution lies in continuous search for competitive advantages according to the most appealing idea. Another weakness lies in tenacity, which means that I prefer reasonable and thoughtful decisions to risky solutions. However, taking risks allows facing unexpected benefits, which provide the company with competitive advantages. To solve this issue, it is necessary to learn how to act fast in terms of competition and choose the most unexpected solutions due to the ability to predict the outcomes of the decision.

Future in Global Hospitality

According to my self-evaluation, it became possible to see both strengths and weaknesses. In case of improving weaknesses and increasing the influence of strengths, I think it would be possible to become a successful manager at Accor Hotels. Since Accor Hotels is a multinational group of hotels, the company operates midscale, upscale, and luxury brands. It means that the company offers a myriad of opportunities to apply personal leadership traits along with skills and knowledge applicable to hospitality business. A broad spectrum of services and multilayered brands mean that the company is a perfect choice for career building. In addition, the companys corporate culture, which focuses on the delivery of comfort and satisfaction to all ranges of consumers, will help me release my potential, apply strengths in practice, and improve weaknesses.

Another company, which would become a welcoming place for applying my skills, abilities, and leadership concepts, is Popeyes. Since my major is culinary art and food service, I could take a chance to become an outstanding employee at Popeyes. The company operates globally, which means that it offers numerous opportunities for professional growth and development. The mission and vision of the company focus on keeping chicken meals traditional and spreading unique flavor of the company's meals globally. In my viewpoint, I will be capable of adhering to the company's values and organizational culture, which will foster implementation of the most creative culinary ideas in global brands of the traditional American food.


According to self-evaluation of leadership concepts, it is essential to develop a plan of becoming a successful hospitality manager at Popeyes. First, it is necessary to work on boosting my confidence, which would solve the problem of vague vision of ideas. A big number of workshops and conferences offer its visitors to find out more about recent trends in hospitality business. Regular attendance of such events would help develop a clear vision of personal ideas and creative approaches towards managing and guiding employees towards new performance orienteers. Secondly, it is essential to contribute significant portion of time to learning how to create appropriate work-life balance. Inability to take risky decisions lies in the lack of confidence in the future of business or family, which means that solution to the problem is beyond its surface. In order to become a successful manager in hospitality business, it is also necessary to attend time-management courses, which would help create flexible schedules and balanced routine activities. As a result, it will be possible to develop the concept of tenacity, since the risk will be minimal and it will not have a significant influence on the sustainability of personal professionalism in case of failure . Instead, risky decisions will allow developing an outstanding sense of confidence and power, which will be useful for obtaining a position in a desired company for further career growth and professional evolution. As a result, all aforementioned initiatives will be beneficial for further integration in the hospitality business with full realization of personal potential and career opportunities.

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Linda Tyler
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