Best Solutions for Alexa Red Ring Light Fix

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Does your Amazon Alexa show a red-light error and say, “Sorry, I am having trouble understanding you right now, please try again after some time”. Trying to figure out the meaning of the Alexa red ring light? Well, this blog will help you to find the Alexa red ring light fix troubleshooting tips to deal with the problems. Alexa red light issue is a common problem with Amazon Echo devices due to which the users are unable to use the device. Let’s get started to learn the troubleshooting tricks of resolving the red right error on the Echo device.


Simple Troubleshooting Tricks for Alexa Red Ring Light Fix

If the Alexa ring light is solid red in color then there are some possible chances that the microphone of your Alexa device is disabled due to which it is unable to respond to the voice commands and will not respond to any of the instructions given by the user. It is a very frustrating experience as there are chances that the user might turn off the microphone accidentally. Look at the below steps to deal with the Alexa red ring light issue and enable the microphone:

Method 1: Resolve the Microphone Problem of Alexa

The reason behind the red ring light issue is to disable the microphone. So, make sure to enable the microphone. Look at the below steps to resolve the microphone issue of Alexa:

  1. Firstly, connect your Amazon Alexa properly.
  2. After that, turn on your device and make sure that the microphone button is flashing red light on the top of the device.
  3. If the red light shows on the top of the device, then it means you have accidentally muted the mic on the Amazon Alexa device.
  4. Thereafter, press the mic button of the Alexa device.
  5. Now, wait for some time and check whether the red ring light on the mic is resolved or not.
  6. Once, the red ring light from the mic button stops blinking then it means that your device is working well.


Method 2: Reset the Amazon Alexa

If the micro button on the Alexa device is not working or the device is unable to unmute then reset the device to the factory default settings. It will help in resolving the red ring issue of Amazon Alexa. Follow the below steps to reset the Alexa to the factory default settings:

  1. Firstly, plugin the Alexa device and search for the tiny hole on the top of it. Press and hold the factory reset button using a paper clip.
  2. Hold the reset button until the red color of the ring on the top of the Alexa device turns orange. The orange color on the Alexa device indicates that the factory reset command has been accepted and under process.
  3. The orange light during the factory reset will turn on and off automatically. The reset of the device will delete all the customized settings made by you.
  4. Connect your device to the WiFi network so that it can accept the command.

We hope that this guide will help in troubleshooting the Alexa red ring fix issue. All the instructions are simple and easy to execute. If you are facing a problem and do not know how to carry out these steps then we recommend contacting the technical experts to resolve the issue from its root.

echo appsetup
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