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What is a digital marketing agency and how it works?

Mahira Ali
What is a digital marketing agency and how it works?

To define what a Top Digital Marketing Agency is, let's start with the debate between creative and digital agencies.

While some use them reciprocally, others draw a stark disparity between them, saying that one is this and the other is that.

The reality is closer to the first, but that doesn't mean that there aren't slight differences between the two.

For instance, even though "digital agency" has the title "digital" and the other does not, both deal with the digital landscape.

Likewise, even though "creative agency" has the term "creative," which implies a design, and the other doesn't, the two get involved.

Let's dig deeper and start with what those who define themselves as creative agencies do with that in mind.

What does a creative agency do?

Creative agencies typically focus on more traditional aspects of marketing, such as improving and strengthening a brand's reputation through print, radio, TV, and online advertising, public relations (PR), and direct and electronic mailing campaigns.

As we casually discussed, these agencies also emphasize designing and branding aesthetically, which means their expertise lies more on the marketing spectrum's creative side than the marketing spectrum's creative side. The agency uses tactics like SEO, PPC, web development, etc.

What does a digital agency do?

Like creative agencies, digital marketing agencies always care about a brand's design and aesthetics, but they differ in that their focus is on the technical realm.

For example, they look at aspects of design from the point of view of discovery. In other words, when they design a website, they think about SEO, branding, and how they can get the site to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERP) along with that they also provide Facebook Marketing Services.

On a related note, they will use social media, content, and other forms of marketing to drive business growth, which usually means getting more conversions (for example, while some brands Others see sales as conversions, others see email signups as well).

Digital Marketing Agency: A Combination of Both

It can be seen that creative agencies and digital agencies act similarly, although with some differences.

The gist is, more frequently than not, digital agencies are creative agencies and vice versa.

It falls to how the agency wants to define itself.

For example, if she wants to attract fashion brands to reposition themselves, she will go with the creative agency. If she wants to attract SMEs that want to rank above their competitors, she will choose the digital agency.

The point is that a digital marketing agency understands the benefits of both. It will use the techniques that work best to achieve the clients' goals, whether that is creating design and branding services or services more technical such as search engines, mobile, or voice search services.

What are the missions of a digital agency?

A digital agency has very varied missions, which relate to communication, marketing (or web marketing), digital technologies as to human resources management, or the organization of work in the company.

Indeed, the role of Instagram Marketing company is not confined to external actions. It also offers many digital solutions to be developed internally in favor of the digitization of the company.

The missions of a digital agency for the visibility of companies

As we have seen, a digital marketing agency is an expert in internet communication:


  • Creation or redesign of websites (showcase site, e-commerce, etc.);
  • Optimization of the natural referencing of the website;
  • Creation of graphic content (computer graphics, video, image, etc.);
  • Implementation of communication actions on the internet or web marketing ;
  • Promotion of websites by paid referencing (advertising on search engines) or social referencing (visibility on social networks);
  • Content Marketing;
  • Development of inbound marketing actions;

Analysis of the audience and behavior of visitors to the site.

Mahira Ali
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