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Most Popular 5 Rice Varieties In Kerala

Arjun Madhav
Most Popular 5 Rice Varieties In Kerala

Rice is undoubtedly one of the important and healthiest dietary carbohydrates in the world with over half of the global population considering rice as a staple item of their diet. Rice is typically boiled or steam and could also be a great gluten-free option when ground.

India too has a loyal fanbase for rice and rice is considered a staple food for millions of Indians. India is home to some of the healthiest and most nutritious rice varieties in the world. Jaya, Basmati, Bamboo, Jeerkasla, Joha, etc, are some of the many varieties of rice produced in India which are popular all over the world. Kerala, situated on the Malabar Coast of India is a state with several specialty rice varieties to its credit.

Below is a list of some of the most popular rice varieties in Kerala.

1.Cherumani Rice

Cherumani is a type of parboiled round rice cultivated mainly in the southern parts of India, especially Kerala. It has a rich flavor, a delightful aroma and is a non-sticky type of rice. Cherumani rice is shorter in size and is considered a staple food grain with a very rich profile of nutrients. The rice is white and is high in nutrition compared to other varieties of white rice. Cherumani rice is widely for the preparation of a variety of rice-based dishes and is a very well-loved rice variety in South India. This type of rice has more fiber, more protein and is a very healthy choice for all. Cherumani rice is easily digestible, light on the stomach, and is perfect for everyday use. This type of rice also provides a good amount of fiber, helps in lowering cholesterol levels, improves blood sugar levels, and also aids in weight loss.

2.Jaya Rice

Mostly cultivated in the states of Andhra Pradesh and Kerala, Jaya Rice is one of the most popular rice varieties used in Kerala. Jaya Rice has a distinctive flavor, size, color, and crispiness. It is touted as the perfect addition for the creation of many authentic dishes of Kerala. From the districts of Alappuzha to Thriuvanathpuram, Jaya rice has ardent followers. The rice is processed in the states of cultivation with utmost care and diligence and is exported to numerous countries around the globe. Jaya rice is parboiled and every grain has a well-defined form and size. The parboiling of the rice helps it to retain its nutrient profile and also has a longer shelf life. Jaya rice is high in carbohydrates and helps in relieving digestive disorders like dysentery, colitis, and diarrhea. The fiber content of the rice is high and helps to keep the bowel function smooth and well.

3.Jeerakasala Rice

Jeerakasala rice also called the Kaima rice is one of the most popular rice varieties used in Kerala. Cultivated in the states of Kerala & Tamil Nadu, Jeerakasla rice has a unique and nonsticky texture. It is also popularly known as ‘Biriyani rice’ owing to its small grain texture and the aromatic flavor it provides. One of the world-famous dishes from Kerala, the ‘Malabar Biriyani’ also called the ‘Thalassery Biriyani’ uses Jeerakasala rice as its base. The rice is exported to many parts of the world and is very flavourful. Jeerakasala rice is light on the stomach, easily digestible, nutritious, and easy to cook. The rice has a very rich nutrient profile and is a widely recommended rice for health-conscious people. Jeerakasala is the best addition to any rice-based dish and brings out the best taste and aroma compared to any other rice variety.

4.Palakkadan Matta Rice

Palakkadan Matta rice, popularly known as Matta rice or Rosematta rice is an indigenous variety of rice grown in the Palakkad district of Kerala. Touted for its incredible benefits, Matta rice is a popular choice of rice in India, Sri Lanka, and other parts of the world. The rice is frequently used to make South Indian dishes like idlis, dosas, appams, etc, and also Kerala snacks like murukku, kondattam, etc. Palakkadan Matta rice is very nutritious, is a great gluten-free grain, has good a good amount of iron, phosphorus, and magnesium content, and is a very healthy choice overall. The reddish-brown color of the rice is due to the parboiling. The parboiling of the rice helps in retaining the nutrition of the rice and promotes satiety aiding in weight loss. The earthy flavor of the Matta rice makes it a great addition to meat preparations.

5.Jyothi Vadi Matta Rice

Jyothi Vadi Matta Rice is parboiled rice cultivated in the Southern Parts of India with a distinct form and size. The rice is nonsticky and is popularly used in the preparation of pulao, kheer, biriyani, and many other dishes. Jyothi Vadi Matta Rice has a very nutritious and flavourful profile. It is easy to cook and provides instant energy. It is a premium aromatic rice and has a fine texture. The rice is greatly helpful in aiding weight loss and maintaining blood pressure. It’s a popular choice of rice in Kerala. The rice is exported to many parts of the world and is touted as one of the healthiest rice varieties in the world.

Arjun Madhav
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