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9 Tips to Reduce Software Development Costs

Anna Sharland
9 Tips to Reduce Software Development Costs

How much does it cost to develop software? Asking this question can be difficult because this answer changes from project to project and from developer to developer. That said, there are ways you can reduce software development costs without losing quality or sacrificing features. We’ve collected tips that will help you get started with your next project. Let’s dive in!

1) Pick The Right Platform

One of your first decisions will be which platform you’ll develop on. It’s best to go with one that fits your budget and offers a host of features that fit with what you want. This way, if customers require a feature not supported by your chosen platform, you won’t be forced into an expensive development detour.

2) Switch To Agile Methodology

Research shows that agile methodology can help reduce costs by around 20 percent. In fact, it has a proven track record at some of today’s most successful tech companies. Companies like Yahoo!, Oracle, and HP are all employing agile methodology in their software development efforts. What do they know that you don’t? Perhaps their secret is one or more of these nine methods for reducing software development costs.

3) Use Automated Testing Tools

When building a new product, it’s tempting to start by writing tests after you write code. This is backwards and inefficient. You will get much higher quality results if you write your test first, then use that as a guide while you build your application. Creating automated tests will save your team time in software development and make future bug fixes easier as well. Start using automated testing tools today and see how much time it can save!

4) Try Cross-Platform Solutions

While working with a cross-platform solution, you only need to develop your application once and then deploy it across multiple operating systems. This can significantly cut down on development costs. If you’re planning a new project and looking for a lower cost solution that works across multiple platforms, you should consider going cross-platform from day one.

5) Consider Outsourcing Parts of the Project

When we’re building software, there are certain parts of our project that could be done more cheaply by a third party. If you’re looking for ways to reduce your software development costs, it may make sense to outsource part of your development project (or even all of it) while keeping full ownership and control over your codebase. This can also help create new revenue streams if you decide to sell or license your source code.

6) Hire a Freelancer as a Second Set of Eyes

When it comes to quality assurance, it’s helpful to have more than one set of eyes on your project. For a software development project, hiring a freelancer as a second set of eyes can help you catch mistakes that a single programmer would miss. Freelancers are typically quite affordable and will be looking for good feedback on their performance, which can help you improve your business in general!

7) Upgrade From DIY Hosting To Professional Web Hosting

When it comes to creating a website, one of your first decisions is whether you want to host it yourself or let a professional company handle it. Hosting can be tricky if you’re not familiar with web-hosting terminology and software, so look for hosting companies that offer 24/7 customer support and auto-installation tools. There are also free resources online that teach people how to create websites.

8) Meet Regularly - Time Is Money in SD Projects

A regular schedule for team meetings should be specified in order to minimize communication breakdowns and miscommunication. Each project is different, but most software development companies suggest weekly meetings for small projects, two or three times a week for mid-sized projects, and daily meetings for large projects. The type of software also determines how often these meetings are held. Agile development requires rapid feedback from clients and developers, so daily interaction is usually necessary during development phases.

9) Get Early Feedback From Clients and Users

Once you’ve selected a template or theme for your software product, it’s time to make sure that your users like it. By getting early feedback from your users and clients, you can make changes and tweaks that will ultimately help reduce costs later on in development. Furthermore, if you build up a good rapport with these parties now, they’ll be happy to assist with later stages of development at no extra cost! This can dramatically reduce your maintenance costs over time. At pixelcrayons, you can avail the best custom software development company services in India.


There are numerous ways to reduce development costs without sacrificing quality. The key is to make sure you’re not building features that won’t be used, and only doing so when needed. Also, look for other cost-saving opportunities; don’t limit yourself solely to software engineering costs. For example, cheaper programming languages or open-source solutions can save a lot of money and time over time, so consider them early on.

More importantly, get a solid understanding of what your business needs before getting into any lengthy project—that alone will increase efficiency exponentially with less code bloat from unused bits of code! Finally, don’t expect miracles: it takes careful planning from both business and technical teams to produce a highly efficient product with low costs at scale. But if done right...it can literally bring down any development costs by 90%! :)

Anna Sharland
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