Missing Child Tax Credit Payment: How To Claim The Amount?

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Monthly child tax credit advance payments ended in the United States with around $93 billion disbursements to families in 2021. In mid-December, the final checks were into many bank accounts, and the paper checks arrived in the mail at the year-end.

If you’re eligible and waiting for the child tax credit checks from months before missing child tax credit payment or haven’t got money, there can be various reasons. The main problem can be old or wrong info on the 2020 tax returns. Or the IRS doesn’t know that you’re eligible. Also, the USPS mail slowdowns can delay printed checks delivery. 

Don’t panic when you’ve got things up to date. We also share other methods to figure out what happened to the money. Also, know whether the enhanced child tax credit will be in 2022.

Why Didn’t You Get The Payment For The Tax Credit?

There are many other reasons why the family didn’t get the payment.

  • A common reason can be that the IRS did not process your tax returns before 1st Dec.
  • When you’re married and filing jointly, and only a single spouse recently got their address and the bank account update in IRS Update Portal, you may not get the September payment. The technical problem should be corrected.
  • According to the IRS statement, 2% of families due to get the child tax credit amount of around 700,000 families and did not get their 15th Sept payment. As stated by the IRS, the affected households should get their payments in the subsequent weeks.
  • You got the payment by mail, which is still under the US Postal Service. Due to the August technical issue, most families get their checks through the mail rather than direct deposit.
  • You also have a mixed-status household with the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (or where a single parent is an immigrant and the kid has a Social Security number). Due to the IRS mishap, those families should qualify for adjusted amounts for the child tax credit in August and September.
  • The family didn’t file a 2019 or 2020 tax return, so the IRS doesn’t know that you’ve qualified. You’ll have to file the taxes in 2022 to update the info.

A Few More Things Are In The Line

  • You lived in the US less than half the year in 2019 or 2020, and due to this, the IRS doesn’t think you qualify, even with a primary residence in the United States.
  • The adopted dependent or baby was a part of the household after you filed a child tax credit tax return in 2020. You have not been able to update all the details in the IRS portal (the option for adding the dependents was supposed to be available months ago).
  • The household circumstances in 2020 disqualified you. Even though the situation changed in 2021, it can be the case when the income was high or any change in custody arrangement was there.
  • You enrolled from the advance with monthly payments through the IRS Update Portal. The family gets the credit after filing 2022 taxes in such a case. The re-enroll option was about to be there this fall.

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