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When do Trees Need Pruning? Essential Signs to Look for

When do Trees Need Pruning? Essential Signs to Look for

Every tree needs pruning (or trimming) to stay in good shape. However, doing this at the right time makes it last longer and healthier. And yes! Trees show some obvious signs that they need pruning. Knowing when is the right time saves your time as well as effort.

And here are some signs that will tell you when that time arrives.

Electricity and Trees

Both won’t go well together. Trees can nourish in any place like a corner, inside the home, and at places not clearly visible. And, you might never notice a tree growing close to a powerline. However, branches of a tree that grow near, under, or above powerlines can become risky.

For instance, when ice, wind, or snow breaks tree branches onto powerlines, it leaves many houses powerless every year. It not just causes your neighborhood and you to lose power, but can be risky to live with the powerline down. That’s when it becomes essential to invest in Tree Pruning in Westwood NJ.

Dead or Unhealthy Limbs

Dead tree limbs form the best breeding grounds for varmints and insects. So, when you see a dead limb, it’s already a clear sign of an upcoming problem. Conversely, if you see varmints and insects wiggling in, you must check for dead limbs around.

Besides, some limbs may not be dead yet but severely infected. You should find and remove such diseased limbs as well to save the tree. Since those trees are the same as humans, you might be willing to wait for their limbs to improve and return to their healthier shapes. But when the infection is clearly visible setting in, cutting them down is in the best interest of trees and the neighborhood.

Fast Growth

A tree that portrays good health will develop rapidly and looks great in the yard. But faster development can be detrimental as well. It can lead to branches and limbs growing weaker because of a thin supply of essential nutrients. Tree Pruning in Westwood NJ allows for the proper spread of nutrition and makes it healthier for longer.

In short, the tree stays in good shape. This also reduces the chances of property damage in the future. It is simpler to shape and prune the tree when it is young as compared to when it is older and needs you to climb almost 30 feet in the air.

Broken Branches

Broken branches particularly in old developed trees can lead to serious problems for your property, you, and your loved ones. That’s why you should remove damaged branches as soon as possible.

You can also check if removing limbs from branches that have a lot of weight works. But removing the branch altogether is the perfect approach if it's broken.

Feeble and Thin Branches

When the weather goes strong, thin branches won’t be able to bear the pressure. So, when you find some parts of a healthier tree under performing, it's better to reduce and remove the weaker parts.


However, you might still be confused about how to find the parts that need pruning. Consulting a professional for tree pruning and Land Clearing in Westwood NJ is recommended in such a case.

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