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Mount Arafat (Jabal-Ar-Rahmah)

James Carl
Mount Arafat (Jabal-Ar-Rahmah)

Mount Arafat is also recognized as Jabal-Ar-Rahmah and is situated in the holy city of Makkah. This is one of the most significant and sacred tourist attractions in the hallowed city of Makkah. The pilgrims performing their Hajj pilgrimage often visit this site as a rite of Hajj. The pilgrim's book All-inclusive cheap umrah packages  and visits this place after the submission of their sacred journey of Umrah. Mount Arafat is one of the sacred sites located in the holy city of Makkah. Hajj pilgrims Visit this place on the 9th Day of Zil-Hajj. If the pilgrims will skip the visit to the holy site of Arafat their sacred journey of Hajj will be invalid. The place of Arafat can be easily understood by this point.

The night of power or Lalylat-ul-Qadr comes in the last ten days of Ramadan and is really significant. Likewise, the day of Arafat comes in the first ten days of Zil-Hajj and is very significant for the believers. The following points make Mount Arfat more significant and worth visiting.

·       Our beloved Prophet SAW offered his farewell sermon on this Mount. This is also the day when Allah SWT completed his religion on our adored Prophet SAW. Allah SWT also chose Islam as His favorite religion on the day of Arafat.

·       This is the only day when Allah SWT sets free more souls from the fire of Hell. The repentance and prayer on the Mount of Mercy (Mount Arafat) are also accepted.

·       The day of Arafat is also a rite of the Hajj pilgrimage. The journey of a pilgrim will be invalid if he\she will miss this rite.

·       A visit to significant and historic Islamic sites is necessary for faith determination. The believers visit the mount of Arafat as it is also one of the important sacred sites of Islam.

·       It is also believed that Hazrat Adam and Eve both also meet on this mountain again on this globe after being expelled from the Jannah.

·       Fasting on the day of Arafat after performing the sacred excursion through All-inclusive cheap umrah packages 2023 also expiates the sins of individuals.

·       There is no day when shaitan became more frustrated and ashamed except the day of Arafat and Badr.

·       The day of Arafat is as significant and sacred for the believers as the night of Qadr. The Dua is also accepted on this mountain on the day of Arafat.

·       There is also a pillar located on the Mount of Arafat. This pillar represents that this is the place where the repentance of Hazrat Adam was accepted. This pillar also represents that Allah is the most merciful.

·       The pillar of Arafat is also used to locate this mountain. And this also represents the last, farewell sermon of our adored Prophet SAW.

The above-mentioned are the points that make this sacred site really significant for Muslims around the globe. The tourists are not allowed to access this mountain. A visit to these sites after the practice of the Umrah journey is compulsory for faith determination.

James Carl
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