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A photovoltaic system

The costs for a photovoltaic system have progressively decreased over the years, to the point of making it a very convenient investment. Having a definite idea of ​​what the investment is for a redevelopment of this type can be very useful if you want to make a choice of this kind. Today, in fact, those who start some work inside their own home or those who build or look for a new home tend to choose more and more solutions that can offer great results with little waste, both for economic reasons Solar Panel in Australia and for environmental issues and the investment for a photovoltaic system is certainly one of these.

How much does it cost to install a photovoltaic system?

Brief history of the cost of photovoltaic technology:

Until about ten years ago, a medium-sized photovoltaic system, for example 3 kW, useful for the consumption of a family, cost between 28,000 and 30,000 euros. A prohibitive cost, despite the savings in bills. Also considering the average life of a plant, which is around 25 years, it was practically impossible to recover from the investment within a reasonable time. To encourage the installation of photovoltaic systems, the state energy bill campaign was launched. The GSE verified the production of energy and contributed to the cost of the system by paying an incentive rate for each kWh produced, regardless of whether it was consumed or generated. The incentive, which in the first amounted to 0.49 euro for each kiwi produced, has encouraged the installation of numerous systems, the creation of new businesses and the diffusion of technical skills. The incentives for photo voltaic lasted eight years and the size of the incentive gradually decreased.In fact, starting from 2017 there has been a progressive reduction in the cost of the photovoltaic panel; in subsequent years and up to today, prices have further decreased and it is expected that this trend will continue for the next few years.

How much does a photovoltaic system cost today?

Therefore, today the installation of a complete photovoltaic system on the roof is more convenient than in the past; but precisely what is the cost of the photovoltaic? The price varies from 2,500 to 3,500 euros per kWp of power. Homes need a system of at least 3 kWh, so it is possible to easily calculate how much an average photovoltaic system costs. The difference between the prices is determined by the quality of the materials used, the origin of the elements and the technology, but also obviously by the size of the system needed and by the company that carries out the work.

Mon crystalline silicon photovoltaic panels:                                                                                                                                                                    

Mon crystalline silicon photovoltaic panels cost little more than those in polycrystalline silicon. The price also varies based on other elements such as resistance and energy efficiency. The installation cost also affects the final price. Basically, a 3 kWp system - which therefore produces between 3,000 and 4,500 kWh per year, depending on the climatic conditions, exposure and age of the system - has an average cost ranging from 5,000 to 7,000 euros (considering the discount applied on the invoice).

Are there any other costs to include?

Those mentioned above are indicative prices for a basic photovoltaic system installed "turnkey" by a professional. To further improve the efficiency it is possible to add some elements:

Optimizers - smart devices that increase yield by 5-10%

Accumulation systems: batteries that store the energy produced and not used during the day, to make it available in the evening, at night or when the plant is stopped.

Heat pumps: technologies that exploit the photovoltaic system to produce hot water for heating or for the sanitary circuit.

Instead, as regards further photovoltaic costs, i.e. those that go beyond installation and materials, it is possible to find:

Support structures:

in addition to the supports for the traditional anchoring of the panels, included in the offers, the need may arise to intervene with masonry works on the roof or install additional structures to install the panels in a more accessible point or optimize their inclination, especially in the case of a flat roof. This type of intervention can reach 2,000 euros in additional costs.

Inverter: the cost of the inverter varies according to the power required by the system. (It is often already included in turnkey offers)

Insurance: it costs around 50 euros per year.

Maintenance costs: maintenance of a photovoltaic system is practically nothing. In fact, solar panels produce energy without the presence of moving parts and therefore wear is minimal. One of the few maintenance interventions is the periodic cleaning of the modules. Cost or investment?

Installing a photovoltaic system is not just a cost: it is above all an excellent investment because it reduces the consumption of energy drawn from the network and costs in the bill. In general, careful consumption throughout the year allows you to save up to 60-70% of the withdrawal from the network, immediately highlighting the economic benefit. In fact, to recover the costs of the photovoltaic it is estimated that on average it is possible to repay the investment in about 7 years, up to a profit of 8000 euros within 20 years of use. These are figures that encourage replacement even more. In short, there are many advantages of photovoltaic, without forgetting environmental sustainability. This is why Australia offers a turnkey service for the construction of photovoltaic systems . Contact us for Solar companies in Australia more information or to receive a free quote.

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