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Here are the top ways how you can stay away from fake news!

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Here are the top ways how you can stay away from fake news!

If you're looking to watch Breaking News Headlines, there are a lot of news sources. However, with the increasing number of news outlets, there is a chance of a lot of false information.

The problem with fake news is that it can reduce the general public's trust. So, if you want to understand how to filter out authentic news from fake news, here are some things to consider.

1) Checking the source of the news

When watching the daily breaking news headlines, you need to check the source of the information. You can do this by accessing other news channels to verify the material. Reputed news channels usually distribute information as per industry standards.

2) Investigate the author's background

Knowing the journalist's background can be helpful. It can help you get an insight into their credibility. If the author's background is unclear or sceptical, then cross-check the news with other outlets.

3) Examine the websites

There are a lot of fakes of original news sites. These sites look the same, and it takes a lot of work to differentiate them. However, there are certain things that can help you differentiate these sites. Checking the domain of the news site to see if it matches the original site of known organisations can help you find the correct one.

4) Look at the references

Reputed news channels always offer references from where they derive information. When you check the references it can help you determine which is authentic. It can also help you get additional information as a bonus.

5) Learn media literacy

Understanding how the media world works and functions can help you critically analyse new channels. Knowing the basics of journalism and fact-checking can help you become a smarter news viewer.

6) Check their social media handles

There are a lot of fake news channels on social media. This is because there are no restrictions on posting and editing. There are numerous examples of people editing news and statements for their own beliefs and viewpoints. Artificial intelligence is also used to create deepfakes of famous people. Therefore, when checking the breaking news headlines on social media, visit the social handle of the news channel. If you see a blue tick or verification symbol can help to determine authentic pages.

To summarise

These are some of the methods that you can use to filter out breaking news headlines in Windsor. Checking the source and the journalist's background can help you understand whether the news is from a reliable source. Visiting news websites and social media handles can help you determine the original one. Learning about media and its practices can help you get better insights into how the news channel functions and how you can stay away from fake materials. 

Matthew James is the author of this article. For more details about Breaking News Headlines please visit our website: windsornewstoday.ca

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