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5 Things That Influencer Marketing Cannot Do

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5 Things That Influencer Marketing Cannot Do

Influencer marketing has emerged to be a fantastic promotional tool for brands to enhance their online reach and has boosted marketing efforts to a considerable extent in recent times. Though it has spread its magic to all possible domains and is preferred over other areas of marketing, there are still some elements that it cannot touch or alter.

So before you set your expectations, you must know that influencer marketing is an enhancement of the traditional forms of marketing, and hence cannot uproot them entirely. Here are the five main things that influencer marketing has no control over:

It cannot make your content go viral

The virality of any piece of content is an unpredictable thing in itself and is not a metric that a brand can count to determine its progress. Creating content that reaches the largest set of the target audience is an achievable goal, but making it go viral isn’t. You cannot expect the content to get you millions of views and likes overnight. Influencer marketing is an organic form of marketing and hence operates on more concrete elements like reach and impressions.

It cannot turn something negative into positive

Influencer marketing is a great tool to intensify the social conversation; but if your brand is in the middle of a crisis or a situation that makes your products take the limelight for the wrong reasons, don’t hire influencers. If you think that hiring influencers is going to change the negativity that surrounds your brand, then you’re just making the situation worse.

It cannot drive attendance to events

Influencer marketing focuses on building a strong image of the brand concerned. So if you think that you can rely on it to help you drive the maximum people to attend your next event, then you’re looking the wrong way. Unless you’re giving away something that is high in value, influencer marketing cannot help you.

It cannot generate direct purchases

Influencers write product reviews, give recommendations that their audiences get inspired from. But that doesn’t necessarily mean that they will buy the product right away. Whether you hire the best influencer marketing agency in Delhi or hire 5 influencers at one go, it simply won’t help. So if you think that influencer marketing is going to give you direct purchases, think again.

It cannot be done in a jiffy!

Influencer marketing is not something that can be done easily or cheaply. Content creation takes the top spot in influencer marketing. Though the social media platforms are free to use; to be able to generate the interest of the audience, you need quality content, and you need the patience to have the content drive you conversions.


Influencer marketing is an interesting field of marketing that has a lot to offer to brands and influencers, provided that it is being put to the best possible use. So make sure that your influencer marketing campaigns are realistic, smart and measurable, and drive you the best results over the course of time. If you need professional assistance with any of the wings of influencer marketing, contact an influencer marketing company in India.  

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