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Difference Between Acute and Chronic Kidney Disease

Vinay Rawat
Difference Between Acute and Chronic Kidney Disease

I was a careless person from the very beginning. Even in my school days, I used to forget to bring notebooks now and then. There were a few things for which I still appreciate myself. I am a keen reader, and I love to write stuff. This is why I am sharing this blog with you, and I hope it might help all those who require help.

I was a foodie before things became serious for me. Eating fried food items and relishing sugar and fizzy drinks became a daily habit.

Swelled Up Ankles!

When I reached home that day, I noticed that my right ankle was a little swollen. I had never experienced this situation so far in my life. I showed it to my mother. She told me that I might have hit it somewhere. The swelling stayed for just two days.

I assumed that I am completely fine, but God has planned something else for me. In a few days, I experienced swelling in my hands, there were rashes on my skin, my stomach was upset, and I felt fatigued throughout the day. As mentioned, being a keen reader, I quickly searched for these symptoms and found out that I might be suffering from a Kidney Disease.

There are so many problems associated with Kidneys, so reading just one article or research study wasn’t enough for me to understand things clearly. As a result, I visited a nearby doctor to understand the exact problem. After going through the blood and urine tests the doctor recommended to me, it came out that I was suffering from Acute Kidney Disease.

The Confusion between Acute and Chronic Kidney Disease

This was when I decided that I should also take treatment from Ayurveda in India. For that purpose, I visited a nearby Ayurvedic hospital in Pitampura. After going through all the details, the doctor told me that I was on the verge of suffering from a Chronic Kidney Disease. It sort of made me tense. However, after two months of taking the treatment, I am completely fine and have not experienced any symptoms. As promised, I am sharing some details on the difference between Acute and Chronic Kidney Diseases so that you can prevent them before they attack you.

Understanding the Wall between AKD and CKD

These are some of the points or facts that might help you understand the basic difference between Acute and Chronic Kidney Disease. Before we get into detail, let’s look at some of the primary points in a table that differentiate Acute Kidney Disease from Chronic Kidney Disease.

AKD Acute Kidney Disease

  1. No change in the size of Kidney
  2. Mainly occurs in hospitalized patients
  3. Develops rapidly in a short time
  4. No deformations on Kidneys
  5. Possible to reverse the effects
  6. Usually takes 2–3 months to recover
  7. Requires temporary Dialysis
  8. Symptoms: Fatigue, Anemia, Confusion, Heart Problems, Weakness, Decrease in Urine, etc.

CKD Chronic Kidney Disease

  1. Small kidneys
  2. Could occur because of hereditary and other reasons
  3. Result of gradual defects in the Kidneys or blood vessels
  4. Possibility of Cysts on Kidneys
  5. Very difficult to reverse the effects
  6. Takes months to recover or could last permanently if not prevented
  7. Requires permanent Dialysis of Kidney Transplant
  8. Symptoms: Breathing Difficulties, Fluid Build Up, Blood In Urine, Internal Bleeding, Insomnia, etc.

Now that you might have understood the basic differences between Acute and Chronic Kidney Disease, here is a detailed explanation.

Acute Kidney Disease (AKD)

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

Going through both of these diseases, you must have understood that CKD is much more severe than AKD. However, despite their severity, Ayurveda can heal you completely. While I was searching for these diseases, I also researched Ayurveda and its treatment for such types of diseases. Let me share some interesting facts with you.

Ayurveda: An Ancient method Healing Modern Generation

My treatment included some Ayurvedic medicines and a diet plan which I was asked to follow religiously, and I did the same. After going through the medicinal qualities of these medicines, I came to know that all of them were made of rare herbs that have no side effects on the body. Moreover, the diet plant offered to me by the Ayurvedic doctor helped me recover at a much faster rate.



Vinay Rawat
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