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Which Mattress Should You Buy - Foam Mattress Or Spring Mattress?

Which Mattress Should You Buy - Foam Mattress Or Spring Mattress?

With brands like Safari mattress, it isn’t difficult to do mattress online shopping. All you need to do is look for the mattress that suits you. Most people find it daunting to pick between a foam mattress or a spring mattress. So, here we are outlining the difference between the two mattresses - foam and spring. Stay tuned till the end!


Spring mattress: A sneak-peek


These mattresses are traditional mattresses that have spring coils in them. The components of a basic spring mattress include a comfort layer, the coil gauge, and the bottom layer which is called the foundation. At Safari mattresses, you can find four types of spring mattress - Offset coil spring mattress, continuous coil spring mattress, pocketed coil spring mattress and bonnell coil spring mattress.


Spring soft mattress online are known to provide the right body bounce and give ample back support to the person sleeping on the mattress. Their resilience and economical price make them the most preferred mattress type.


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Foam Mattress: A sneak-peek


A foam mattress has cushioned comfort and support. This is the reason why many people prefer foam mattresses over spring mattresses. Get a correct alignment of the spine with the visco-elastic comfort of a foam mattress. Foam mattress is available in three variants - polyurethane foam, memory foam and latex foam.

Each of these foams come with their own features, price, pros and cons.


Foam VS. Spring mattresses: A comparison


Now, since you know what a foam and a spring mattress is and what types do they come in, now we can jump on our significant concern - which mattress should you buy - foam mattress or spring mattress?


●     Sleeping position


We all sleep in different postures. It might be possible that you sleep on your stomach while your children like to sleep on the sides. This brings a variation in the mattress choice and sleeping experience of members of the same family. Hence, a mattress is not one size fits all.


Foam mattress: A foam mattress is ideal for people who either sleep on their stomach or on side since it gives your body posture the right shape. Your shoulders, forearms and hips can sink very easily giving the required support to your thighs.


Spring mattress: A spring mattress is desirable for people who sleep on their backs since it provides a correct alignment of the spine. Do you toss and turn often while sleeping? Well, a spring mattress can be a perfect choice for you.


●     Body type


Our body types pose as a major determinant of our mattress types. If you are on the healthier side, then a particular type of mattress will work for you. Some mattresses are specifically designed for lightweight people.


Foam mattress: If you are lightweight, then a foam mattress will be the right choice for you. You can sink easily and will sleep comfortably. Buy mattress online India to get a cozy and cuddling feeling.


Spring mattress: If you are on the healthy side, then spring mattress can be the right choice for you. This is because the fitted spring would allow you to maintain your shape while receiving ample pushback support. Lightweight individuals might get their pressure points triggered and so, a spring mattress will not be a right choice for them.


●     Maintaining your mattress.


Maintaining your mattress can be a daunting task if you ain’t well-aware of the procedure. In addition to that, right maintenance of your mattress can extend its life.


Foam mattress: These mattresses come with maintenance manuals. As per the manual, you can rotate or flip your mattress. Usually, they require more time to dry up and generally need more maintenance.


Spring mattress: When compared to the spring mattress price, it does require some care. If you don’t care enough, they might wear-off. It is recommended to rotate your spring mattress every six weeks since it gives durability to the coil and reduces incidences of sagging in the mattress.


When it comes to affordability, you can get the best prices for both foam and spring mattresses at Safari mattresses. Reach out to us at https://safarimattresses.com/ to purchase mattress online. Happy mattress online shopping!


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