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8 Employee Wellness Challenges Your Employees Won’t Hate

Megha Sharma
8 Employee Wellness Challenges Your Employees Won’t Hate

The employee wellness program will continue evolving from nice perks to must–have for companies looking to hire the best talent. It is a truth that a healthy workplace attracts healthy employees. The companies understand the significance of nurturing employees’ health and that healthy employees positively impact business. Thus, it is essential to design employee wellness challenges and aims to encourage healthy living and maximum participation.

If you want this for your organization, start implementing these workplace challenges. This will motivate employees to maintain healthy habits and become productive. In this blog, we have prepared an extensive list of fun challenges your employees will enjoy.

Unique Ideas for Employees’ Wellness Challenges

An employee wellness challenge is divided into three, i.e., short-term, easy, and fun. But, before starting any challenge, it is better to discuss it with employees. So, here are some significant initiatives for employee wellness that the employer takes.

1. Usage of Stairs

You can motivate the employees to use stairs instead of elevators and escalators. The only reason employees would use stairs if it were near and not was due to needing more time. However, the use of stairs initiative works best in small companies as there is no long distance between floors and stairs. Using a staircase will improve the health of their legs that is jammed by sitting for long hours on chairs and maintain their productivity the entire day.

2. Financial Wellness

When employees feel insecure about their finances, its impact spills over into the workplace that increasing their stress. Due to this, financial wellness programs are gaining traction as this applies to all age groups, from college students to old millennial. However, employees need more time to share their crucial financial data with their teammates. That’s why conducting financial education seminars and events will be an outstanding idea. Those employees who attend meetings can earn points, and this challenge will ultimately motivate employees.

The main reason behind this challenge is to give them relevant information about savings and make better financial decisions.

3. Mindfulness Challenges

Mental health now becomes an essential topic that maintains employees’ overall health. It is the employer’s responsibility to how employees manage their stress. So, the wellness services like meditation and seminars can be turned into wellness challenges by rewarding constant participation. Although, there are no limitations to these in–person sessions.

Employers can use apps like Headspace or Insight times in their free space. The employees can show its usage in their reports, and incentives are provided accordingly. Even some wellness challenges portals are integrated with these mediation apps.

4. Eating Healthy Foods

If healthy food is served in the office canteen, it encourages employees to eat healthy food and maintains their health. Some leading benefits are reducing the risk of heart disease and weight gain or helping minimize weight loss. It makes employees aware of their eating habits and start eating healthy food. It is another challenge for morale because some people don’t like healthy foods, but its availability encourages them to try new foods.

The companies can provide fruits during snack time on each floor, so employees don’t need to go far and get fresh fruits.

5. Mindful Breathing Sessions

The long-term effects of mindful breathing are many. Deep, controlled breathing can improve lung health, oxygen intake, and blood pressure. You can schedule a day of mindful breath by having an expert come in to take charge. Guided meditations can make employees more responsive.

6. New Hire Challenges

New hires do not have to face workplace wellness challenges. It is an effective strategy for employee retention and worth looking into. The new hire challenges communicate to employees that their well-being and health are essential to the company’s culture. This will increase employee engagement, morale, and attention in the first few weeks.

Please make it a team challenges so that new members can build camaraderie. The challenges listed in this post are similar to those mentioned above. They are intended to help new hires integrate quickly into the company’s culture and health.

7. Yoga and Meditation

Yoga can help you strengthen core muscles and balance. It can also improve your mood by releasing Serotonin. Meditation can be a great mental challenge. It can help people find inner peace and calm their minds. It also helps them focus on one task and become more mindful. These two types of exercises will help you challenge yourself and benefit your mind. These can be done at work to challenge your employees.

8. Sustainability Challenges

Employee health and wellness programs often enable employees to focus on improving personal or organizational health. In comparison, this goal is worth pursuing because paying attention to each impacts the environment and should be noticed. These simple wellness goals of sustainability will streamline an atmosphere where humans and nature exist in productive harmony. Sustainability challenges are designed to help individuals and the planet to improve their health and the long-term ecological balance. Participants can learn to incorporate sustainable practices into everyday life to ensure well-being.

In a nutshell, a sustainability challenge should focus on personal and environmental health. However, this challenge allows employers to show corporate values and culture to employees.


Now, you have discovered eight popular wellness challenge ideas that you can pick from. When these challenges are implemented correctly, then it will improve your organization’s culture, engage the best talent and reduce costs. On the employee’s side, it helps them manage their stress, live healthier, and feel happier.

Megha Sharma
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