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Content Creation: Boost Your Marketing Strategy

Muhammad Fahad
Content Creation: Boost Your Marketing Strategy

Part 1: How will B2B content creation boost your marketing strategy?

Traditional marketing is being overtaken by what is called content marketing. Instead of pitching products and services, the new marketers of the 21st century offer educational and entertaining content to attract prospects and new customers. Because you want to be an ace at content creation, I suggest you walk you through the steps to create quality content.

What is content creation in marketing?

Content creation is a strategic approach that aims to create and distribute content that is consistent and relevant to your industry to attract and retain a well-defined audience and ultimately, generate new customers. 

As you can see from the survey conducted by the consulting agency Cognito, among 165 professionals, marketing spending is dethroned by content creation with 61% of the budget allocated to this area.

But then, why? Content marketing allows companies to increase their sales, lower costs associated with traditional marketing and gain better loyalty from Internet users and prospects. By creating relevant, entertaining and rewarding content, readers will more easily trust you as you showcase your expertise and / or talent to the world.

Without content creation, digital marketing would not exist. Content marketing must be part of the process in its own right. For social networks, you need attractive visuals and content adapted to each media used (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Wechat, Pinterest…). SEO reasons with a precise content strategy, which requires regular publication of articles with carefully selected keywords and a certain number of words.

Also, a good  ERP strategy requires content that really interests the reader and not just company news with simple press releases. Many other areas need compelling content to catch the eye of internet users without leaving your website the second they read your article title (luckily, if you're reading this part, this is not the case and I am very happy!)

Why will content creation boost your visibility?

The golden age of  SEO  allowed consultants to post thousands of links pointing to your website on forums and directories. However, today, this technique is called "black hat" (a technique deemed illegal by Google and penalizing your site). Today, it is necessary to promote the creation of links to your website in a "natural" way. Content creation responds to this challenge.


Content creation also gives you more visibility and credibility as you become opinion leaders. By offering qualitative content, Internet users listen to you, read and/or watch you (if you want to do tutorials on YouTube). They see you as experts in your field and will share your content

if it is relevant. Always remember that relevant content is more likely to be shared if it is as visually beautiful as it is interesting. The new generations swear by the visual.

Finally, content marketing will boost your visibility for your inbound marketing strategy. You will be able to share your content on social networks, through your campaigns on different levers that will attract more Internet users to your page. You can also relay this content in your newsletters, for example. You simply must not forget to find solutions to be able to convert your visitors into prospects by offering downloadable content on your website.

How to create content regularly?

Creating content takes creativity, which is not given to everyone, but with a little effort and organization it is possible to do great things. It is not an easy task, whether for startups or for multinationals.

You have the option of using a content creation agency, your digital marketing agency that works most of the time with publishers or does it internally. If you start by writing via a blog, the best way is to invite all your collaborators to write about their expertise. This is also our method at OMT.

To motivate your team, you have several  arguments  :

  1. Constraint, which is not a management technique that bears fruit in the long term,
  2. The fact that by writing an article, the consultant does research and gains skills,
  3. A consultant who writes regularly is aware of news and innovations in your company's industry,
  4. Writing several articles allows you to develop written skills and to express yourself better,
  5. Participate in the evolution of the company by raising it upwards,
  6. Providing targeted articles can attract a certain type of reader who sooner or later can become a customer,
  7. Become an ambassador for your company and why not, a thought leader on social networks.

We asked ourselves the question within our team, whether to give all our expert tips in our blog articles. The answer is yes, say everything you know. In the case of a digital marketing agency, an extremely detailed article will never replace the human know-how of a consultant who knows his job by heart, with his tips & tricks that only he knows, depending on each case. . Also, don't hesitate to spot a creative person in your team to offer them to create attractive visuals or infographics, for example.

To conclude, content creation must be a strategic role within your company. Do not hesitate to be creative and original to differentiate yourself from your competitors. 

Muhammad Fahad
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